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For questions about the Black Magician trilogy of fantasy novels by Trudi Canavan, consisting of The Magicians' Guild (published 2001), The Novice (2002), and The High Lord (2003).

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Who had Akkarin's third Blood Gem in the Black Magician Trilogy?

In The Black Magician Trilogy, when introducing Sonea to the blood gems, Akkarin states that he has three blood gems. One is with Takkan One is with Lorlen "One with a friend in a useful place" ...
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Is there a visual of how would the Trudi Canavan's "Blood Gem " look like?

Following up other question I'd like to find out if some one has created an image: a drawing or such of how the "Blood Gem" looks like? Kudos for images that have been approved or at least have an ...
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Why Sachakan magicians communicate in Kyralian?

In the Trudi Canavan's Black Magician Trilogy when Akkarin and Sonea travel to Sachaka they were able to eavesdrop on Sachakan mages who spoke Kyralian with Sachakan accent. Why on Earth Sachakans ...
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Any real-world inspiration for the countries in the Black Magician series?

Trudi Canavan's Black Magician series, starting with The Magicians' Guild and continuing with the first trilogy and then a prequel novel and sequel trilogy, is set in a purely fantasy world consisting ...
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Where was Takan's blood gem kept in the Black Magician Trilogy?

During the events of the Black Magician Trilogy, The High Lord Akkarin mentions that he communicates with his servant Takan using a Blood Gem, which is created using forbidden Black Magic. Where ...