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A comic book vampire hunter character originally created by Marvel Comics and popularized by the 1998 blockbuster film starring Wesley Snipes.

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Which city is "Blade" (1998) set in?

I've just rewatched Blade (1998), and I'm trying to figure out which city this movie is set in, which it never clearly states. It has been some time since I listened to the director's commentary, and ...
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In the comics is Blade known to have a particular accent?

In the main Marvel comics continuity (Universe 616), Blade's background is that he was born and raised in Soho London, yet in all the other media (movies, live action TV show, cartoons) I have seen ...
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In the Blade Films why is EDTA able to destroy La Magra but has no effect on Reapers or Jared Nomak?

In the Blade films why is EDTA able to destroy La Magra but has no effect on Reapers or Jared Nomak?
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If Blade (the film version) were to procreate with a normal human, would the offspring gain his powers?

In the Blade movies, vampires can have "pure bloods" with other vampires, or create "newborns" via biting and transferring the vampiric virus to normal humans. Blade was a unique case, as his mother ...
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Why is Whistler suddenly so concerned about killing vampire-aligned humans?

I realize that Blade 3: Trinity is generally considered the worst of the Blade movies, but one part in particular bugs me. Throughout the first two movies, we witness Blade killing dozens of familiars ...
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Why don't all vampires turn into ashes?

In the Blade movie series, vampires turn into ashes when killed (or scratched?) by silver. In the first movie, Blade was in that vampire nightclub hunting Deacon Frost's friend, Quinn, who got ...
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2 answers

Did Blade also have vampiric mental powers?

Rewatched Blade 2 the other day. The second to last fight when Blade falls in the blood pool, he recovers and is at full power defeating all the security guard. Afterwards Reinhardt tries to kill him ...
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Are there any plans to bring Blade into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Was there ever an intention to bring Blade into the MCU before Wesley Snipes had to go to jail? Was it always meant to stay separate? Or are there plans to incorporate Blade into the future MCU?
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Was Gordon Walker based on Blade?

In season 2 of Supernatural, we meet hunter Gordon Walker who ends up fighting vampires. I began wondering if this character was influenced by the Marvel comic book character Blade, who also fights ...
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3 answers

What language is Jared Nomak speaking in this scene?

At about the 2:30 into this video, Nomak turns to the camera and says some dialogue. What language is he speaking?
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Does Blade age? Can he die of old age?

Does Blade age, or is he immortal from old age/natural causes? Surely he can die from accident/murder, but what of normal aging?
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Would a vampire bitten by Blade become a daywalker?

Looking at the film I wondered if a vampire bitten by Blade would become a daywalker, or whether biting a vampire would cause Blade to turn into a full vampire, or would nothing at all happen?
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2 answers

Were all vampires in the entire world killed at the end of Blade 3 movie?

Based on discussion in comments on this answer, I wondered: Did shooting Drake with the DayStar virus result in killing only nearby (same city) vampires, or ALL vampires worldwide? Canon evidence ...
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7 answers

Why are "the first" vampires immune to all of the normal vampire weaknesses? [closed]

In the Blade movie series and the Vampire Chronicles movies (and possibly others) they depict the "first" (original) vampires as being like gods. They have all the strengths of the vampires (often to ...
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