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Blake's 7 is a British TV SF series produced by the BBC. Four 13-episode series of Blake's 7 were produced and broadcast between 1978 and 1981. Blake's 7 follows the exploits of a group of political renegades led by Roj Blake.

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Why did Avon do this at the end?

Spoilers obviously In the last episode of Blake's 7, entitled "Blake", Avon and the crew discover Blake as a bounty hunter. However, in the climax, Tarrant suggests to Avon that Blake has ...
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Was Bartholomew really a rebel?

In Season 3 Episode 8, "Rumours of Death", of the TV show Blake's 7, there are two subplots which advance in parallel: Avon is trying to get his hands on the person who killed his former lover, Anna ...
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Was there a Blake’s 7 theme park ride for Stardrive?

My wife says I’m imagining this, but I’m sure when I was a child in the eighties I visited something like a stately home or theme park which had a ride based on the B7 episode Stardrive. It was in the ...
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Why are some of the Blake's Seven crew referred to by surname and some by first name?

In the first season of Blake's Seven (Blakes Seven? Blake's 7? Blakes 7?), the titular seven are: (Roj) Blake (Kerr) Avon Jenna (Stannis) Vila (Restal) (Olag) Gan Cally Zen Apart from Zen and ...
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Seek, Locate, Destroy

From Doctor Who (new) Series 8, Episode 2, "Into the Dalek": DALEKS: Seek, locate, destroy. Surrender is not accepted. And again: MORGAN: Fire! DALEK: Exterminate. Advance. Seek, locate, ...
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Who were and what happened to the previous crew of the Liberator?

Did they ever explain the origins of the Liberator and/or what happened to the previous crew besides Avon's " rocket launch control. It has been activated." in Space Fall.
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What happened to Orac?

It's been a while since I watched Blake's 7 and I can't for the life of me remember if Orac is still lying on a little grassy hill! Can anyone shed light on this?
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Who said "One person, one vote. I just happened to be the person voting"?

This quote is probably misquoted, but I remember this as a Blake's 7 quote from Servalan. However, I have also read elsewhere a similar quote from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Is there a quote like ...
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Why hasn't Blake's 7 been rebooted?

Reboots seem pretty popular these days. A few years ago I was introduced to Blake's 7. For anyone who hasn't seen it, in concept I would summarise the series as 'Star Trek meets Game of Thrones'; it ...
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Blake's Seven timeline

I cannot find a good resource for a timeline, -- with dates in an in-Universe dating system -- for the back-story and plot of Blake's 7. From what I can tell from tangential references, the B7 ...
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Why are some editions of the Blake's 7 1980 annual missing the date?

I am looking for information on the 1980 Blake's 7 annual. I understand that there are versions of this. One has 1980 printed on the cover and spine. The other does not, anywhere. Can anyone tell me ...
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Why did the writers of Blake's 7 destroy the Liberator?

The Liberator was a beautiful ship design with good sets and an interesting computer (Zen). My question is not why it was destroyed in-universe, but why the writers decided to get rid of it. Was it ...
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Why do the Liberator's personal weapons stop the user from having multiple weapons

In Blake's 7, when Roj and Avon discover the cache of hand weapons in the liberator (the ones with the curly telephone cables) they discover that if they pick up one, the other's appear hot to them. ...
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Who are Blake's 7?

In the TV series Blake's 7, there were varying numbers of crew members of the Liberator and Scorpio, but never 8. With Blake, there was Avon, Vila, Jenna, Gan and Cally. By the time Dayna, Tarrent ...
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