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For questions about Blindsight, a 2006 hard science fiction "first contact" novel by Peter Watts. It has also been released together with its sequel/sidequel Echopraxia under the name Firefall. Always use in conjunction with the [firefall] tag.

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What's Chelsea doing going to Heaven, did I miss something?

Chelsea, Siri Keeton's ex, may not be a militant radical but she was a Realist, to the point of taking her sex in the raw, which it is suggested the Realists don't even do any more. As far as I could ...
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How did the novel "Blindsight", by Peter Watts, end?

Blindsight features a group of transhumans on a first contact with an alien species (Rorschach). In the end, it was mentioned Rorschach were constructing a magnetic cannon from the magnetosphere, did ...
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How can communicating in human language with an unconscious alien species be treated as an attack?

Blindsight mentions a group of 5 transhumans in a first contact with an unconscious alien species (Rorschach). Which the writer mentions any form of communication in human language, interpreted by the ...
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In Echopraxia, how did Portia reach Earth?

In Echopraxia, an alien life form/nanotechnology/something that the humans dub Portia reached Earth. The final stretch of that journey was apparently done inside Bruks, who was somehow an incubator, ...
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