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Questions tagged [boom-studios]

For questions about works by "Boom! Studios" who publishes comic books such as Incorruptible and Irredeemable, along with some Disney books. Use with the specific work tag where appropriate, for example, [irredeemable].

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2 votes
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What is Qubit's equivalent to the Doctor's "Allons-y"?

In the Irredeemable comic universe, at one point, Qubit uses a German phrase with a connotation very similar to the "Allons-y" used by the Doctor of Doctor Who. What is that phrase, and in ...
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2 votes
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Is barring Holy O's in "Irredeemable" a Mark Waid thing, Boom Studios thing, or something else?

Reading Irredeemable, my first Boom Studios comic, and I've noticed in a few issues that when divine words are used — God, Lord, etc. — the O is barred. Take a look at page 1 of issue 17, first panel: ...
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How essential is Incorruptible to Irredeemable?

Please don't post spoilers, I'm at Volume 7 of Irredeemable and have the first two volumes of Incorruptible. How essential is Incorruptible to the main storyline of Irredeemable? I know that there ...
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