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Questions tagged [bootstrap-paradox]

Time travel concept used in many sci-fi works, also known as a causal loop, or an ontological paradox. An object or idea travels into the past and becomes its own future travelling self, effectively having no origin or ending.

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25 votes
5 answers

Bootstrap Paradox in Interstellar

So, the plausible explanation to who put the wormhole and the tesseract in the place is But this explanation raises another question and yet another (similar) paradox. Question - Paradox - ...
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3 votes
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Doctor Who: Big Bang 2.0 is driving me crazy

In Doctor Who 2005: Big bang 2.0, the Doctor appears with a hat or something and a mop in his hand to rescue himself and Amy Pond after he is sealed shut inside the Pandorica. How can the Doctor come ...
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Which Sci-Fi work introduced the idea of "Protecting Child-self"?

The special case of Bootstrap Paradox in which a guy travels back in time to protect himself is common these days. I have encountered it countless times. The first example I encountered was in ...
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