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For questions about the DC supervillain Brainiac in comics, movies, and the DC Animated Universe. Always use in conjunction with the [dc] tag.

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Was there a story where Superman defeated Brainiac by forcing him to fly into his own shrinking ray?

When Supergirl meets the Legion of Superheroes for the second time (Action Comics #276, "Supergirl's Three Super Girl-Friends") she is introduced for the first time to Brainiac 5, Brainiac's 30th ...
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Did Brainiac ever appear in Lois and Clark?

Did Brainiac ever appear in the Lois and Clark series in the '90s. I do recall Mister Mxyzptlk appeared, and so did Zod and Luthor; but did Brainiac?
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Has Wonder Woman ever used the Lasso of Truth on Brainiac?

Across the DC universe, Wonder Woman has been shown to use The Lasso of Truth on her teammates and enemies as well. Even the big guns like Superman haven't been able to overcome the lasso's compulsion ...
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Why does Brainiac look like a frog in "The Dark Knight Strikes Again"?

In the second half of "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" by Frank Miller, Brainiac shows up over Metropolis to fight Superman. Instead of his normal appearance, however, his ship/body looks like a giant ...
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How do the cables connected to Brainiac's head help him?

What are the cables connected to Brainiac's head and how do they help him? Is he less powerful when he is untethered? from Superman: Unbound
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