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Use this tag when asking question about Brandon Sanderson as an author, not the stories he has written. He is an American fantasy author most famous for his Mistborn trilogy, and completing the Wheel of Time series after Robert Jordan's death in 2007.

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Is Oot's Dream a nod to Patrick Rothfuss?

I have recently started reading Tress of the Emerald Sea, by Brandon Sanderson, and in it there is a boat called Oot's Dream. Oot is the nickname fellow fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss calls one of ...
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Does Obliteration ever quote from the Book of Mormon?

Brandon Sanderson "The Reckoners" series includes an Epic named Obliteration, who is claimed to only speak in quotes from the Bible. I am curious: Given that Brandon Sanderson is a believing ...
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Can I read Rhythm of War, before the rest of The Stormlight Archive or will I be lost [duplicate]

I want to know if I can listen to the Rhythm of War Audiobook, because it's up on Brandon Sanderson's youtube, before I read the rest of The Stormlight Archive. I know there's alot of books in the ...
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Why is there no sex in Brandon Sanderson's books?

I've read Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series, and I noticed that there are hardly any (if any) references to sexual activity between characters. I find that the author paints ...
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Which Sanderson works are part of the Cosmere and which aren't?

According to Wikipedia: The Cosmere is the name of the universe in which many of Sanderson's books exist. This idea came from his desire to create an epic length series without requiring readers to ...
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Are the different types of magic in Brandon Sanderson's books his own invention?

I initially had 2 questions here and have been encouraged to split them: Is the magic in the Cosmere connected Brandon Sanderson's approach towards magic is in my eyes rather unique. Each story has a ...
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Which was the "wow" scene that Sanderson was talking about?

The following is summarised from an interview with Brandon Sanderson in 2010: Q: Were there parts that you were like, just wow, this is just really weird having to write this? A: The other scene has ...
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Connections between Sanderson's stories

In his story Warbreaker, the old warrior who started the Manywar was named Kalad, and in The Way of Kings, the soldier-slave Kaladin is one of the focal points of the story. Very similar sounding ...
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