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For questions about the author Brian Herbert, the eldest son of Frank Herbert. Brian took up the Dune mantle in the later years of his father Frank Herberts life.

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Are the books written by Irulan in Paul of Dune meant to represent the books quoted in Frank Herbert’s 1965 version of Dune?

In the Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson works Princess Irulan writes The Life of Muad’Dib, Volume 1-3. Are these meant to be the original Frank Herbert trilogy - Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of ...
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Why did Gilbertus Albans choose Lampadas as the home planet of the Mentat School?

If Mentats are so smart... Why would the founder of the Mentat School, Gilbertus Albans, choose Lampadas as the school's home planet when It's also the home planet of Manford Torondo and the ...
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What does The Butlerian Jihad's coverart depict?

The first book of Dune's prequel series depicts a sand worm, a classic motif of the Dune books. After reading the book, one thing kept bothering me. What is the object in the mouth of the sand worm? ...
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Was Vorian Atreides' father from Greek mythology?

Vorian Atreides' father, Agamemnon, claims to be over a millennia old. Although this isn't quite old enough to be the time of the Greeks back on the original Earth; however, he does refer to his ...
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Who was Holtzmann?

Inventions acclaimed to Holtzmann pretty much makes the world go round in the Dune universe. Holtzmann engines allow space-folder ships to move through dimensions. The Holtzmann effect is somehow ...
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Does the Juice of Sapho do anything other than stain?

Mentat Masters regularly consume the Juice of Sapho, causing their lips to stain. According to the Dune Wiki, Sapho, or more commonly the Juice of Sapho, was a high-energy liquid extracted from ...
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Beam of light at the end of "Battle of Corrin"

At the end of the last battle described in Battle of Corrin when people are destroying last version of Omnius there is 'beam of light' fired by machines. Is this explained in other chapters or ...
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Space General incites a revolution

This book is about a man who was once a powerful general in a space fleet. When he disobeys his President (who is female) she has him assigned to a planetary constellation that has no apparent value. ...
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Where did the Sandworms/Sandtrout originally come from? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How did the sandworms/sandtrout appear on Arrakis? I'm going to ask a more pointed version of this question: How did the sandworms/sandtrout appear on Arrakis? Has anyone ...
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Why didn't the Omnius wipe out free humans before Tio Holtzman and Sorceresses of Rossak developed the means to defend/attack?

Was there an explicit in-Universe explanation for why Omnius never bothered to physically destroy humans before Tio Holtzman and Sorceresses of Rossak developed the means to defend/attack? It seems ...
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In what order should the Dune follow up books be read? [duplicate]

I have read all of Frank Herbert's Dune books twice now, and was never all that interested in Brian Herbert's follow ups "House of..." and "Legends of...". Are these best read in publication order, ...
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