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Questions tagged [bumblebee-2018]

For questions about the 2018 Transformers film "Bumblebee" as part of the Transformers Live Action Series. Always use in conjunction with the [transformers] and [transformers-live-action-series] tags.

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Is Otis in the Bumblebee (Transformers) movie Charlie’s half-brother, adopted brother, or step-brother?

Is Otis the son of Ron and a deceased first wife of his?
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Why did Charlie say "Helpful shame spiral" in this funny scene?

In Bumblebee (2018), while Charlie was at her job, Bumblebee accidently vandalized her furniture in the house. Memo called Charlie, and Charlie confronts Bumblebee in the hall room: Charlie: What ...
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Why did Sally say wearing helmets isn’t included in the law while driving mopeds?

In Bumblebee (2018), Sally gifts her daughter a helmet: Sally: So, I keep hearing about people on mopeds getting run over and their brains smashed in. You got to wear this from now on. I don't care ...
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How does Bumblebee speak English as soon as he arrives on Earth in the Bumblebee movie?

In the 2018 Bumblebee movie, Bumblebee speaks English to John Cena's character as soon as he arrives on Earth in 1987. But how does he know English? In the original live action Transformers from 2007,...
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In Bumblebee, how did Charlie's use of an electroshock weapon work?

Near the end of the movie, Charlie shocks Bumblebee several times with some sort of electroshock weapon, but I don't understand how (in universe) this could have resuscitated him. How did the ...
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Why did this character die in Bumblebee?

During the final fight the character: I'm wondering how that was possible? Was the item somehow inside some specific weakpoints of the character or how/why did he die there? (naturally in universe ...
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Does Transformers history still apply in the Bumblebee movie?

The newest Transformers movie, Bumblebee recently came out and everybody who's seen it has noticed that the Transformers look different than they did in Michael Bay's version of Transformers. My ...
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