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Caprica refers to a planet and also to the eponymous 2010 television series, both set in the Battlestar Galactica universe. Caprica the planet was one of the Twelve Colonies of men. The television series of the same name is a prequel to the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.

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What rock songs are playing in the v-club in the pilot episode of Caprica?

Bear McCreary has composed the musical score for the Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica, but the published soundtrack doesn't include the punk rock songs playing in the v-club. What are ...
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Has it ever been officially stated that Evelyn is Bill's mother?

A number of websites list Evelyn Adama as Bill Adama's mother. Granted we could assume that this is the case, given that Evelyn was present at the ceremony with Bill shown in the "Caprica" epilogue ...
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Do we see depictions of the Cylon god?

I was reading up on the Imperious Leader, which lead to Count Iblis, which led to this comment on Wikipedia: Count Iblis was not specifically named as part of the 2003 remake of Battlestar ...
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Are they Cylons?

In the show Caprica, they use several actors who also appeared in Battlestar Galactica. Caprica is supposed to have taken place at the very beginning of Cylon creation (well before the advent of human-...
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Does Caprica reach some sort of conclusion?

I watched the first half season of Caprica, but just couldn't bring myself to keep watching it based on its pacing and differences from BSG. I wanted some answers that Caprica claimed to be about ...
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Why 1930's gangster style in Caprica?

Being a big fan of Battlestar Galactica (2004), I decided to check out the prequel Caprica. I am curious why the creators decided to use a 1930s style of dress for their citizens? I found a blog ...
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Who created the cylons - Graystones or Final Five

In BSG, it is said that the Final Five created the adversarial Cylons. In Caprica, it is said the cylons originated thro Graystone technology. So, who actually created the Cylons that wiped out the ...
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Who created New Caprica City in V-world?

New Caprica City was one of the cooler aspects of the Caprica show. New Cap City was like a more detailed grand theft auto game except you could only die once. When New Caprica was introduced the ...
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43 votes
8 answers

Why did the humans leave their original planet to found the colonies?

I watched pretty much every episode of BSG, but I can't quite remember why the humans left their homeworld to found Caprica and the other colonies. I'm guessing it's either nuclear holocaust, ...
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How long before the series start does Caprica make first contact with the other human colonies?

I've just recently started watching "Caprica" (a canceled "Battlestar Galactica" spin-off), and I was wondering at what point in the chronology of the series do the various human colonies make first ...
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