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For questions relating to Carl Sagan, noted scientist, educator, and writer. Only use for questions about the writer himself and not those about his works. For questions about his works use the relevant work tag.

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Did Carl Sagan ever explain how God modified the value of π?

Near the end of the book, Contact, by Carl Sagan, the main character is told there are messages hidden deep in the base-11 digits of π. From the Wikipedia article: Acting on the suggestion of "Ted"...
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What is the map of Barsoom that Carl Sagan had outside his office?

Read the wiki article on Barsoom that references the fact that Carl Sagan had a map of barsoom. I can't find a very good one on the Internet and even if I did, it would be extremely cool to have ...
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Is the Encyclopaedia Galactica in the Hitchhiker's Guide a reference to Asimov's Foundation Trilogy Encyclopædia Galactica or a tribute to Carl Sagan?

While reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I was thinking if the Encyclopaedia Galactica mentioned in the book is the same as Asimov's Foundation Trilogy's Encyclopædia Galactica? Could it be ...
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