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Questions tagged [castlevania]

Long running series of gothic action-adventure games released by Konami, chronicling the dark lord Dracula's attempts over the centuries to invade the world, and the Belmont clan of vampire hunters that storm his demonic and chaotic castle to stop him. Use tag for plot and backstory questions; questions about game mechanics are off-topic.

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How did Bathory overpower the goddess?

In Castlevania: Nocturne, the so-called Vampire Messiah, Erzsébet Bathory, is said to have extraordinary powers, even relative to most vampires, due to having drunk the blood of the Egyptian goddess ...
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How is a blade coated in salt for demon slaying?

Salt is often used to repel demons and I've seen several sources talk about coating blades and other weapons in salt so they can slay demons, most recently in season 1 of Netflix's Castlevania. How ...
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Was Netflix's Castlevania series faithful to the original games?

According to Nintendo Life, Netflix's animated Castlevania series is loosely based on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. I presume adaptations needed to be made, as the original source material left ...
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Why does Death work for Dracula in Castlevania?

In the Castlevania series of games, Death works as Dracula's servant? Why is this? Dracula started off life as a human, did he coerce Death during his life or after the start of his unlife? What ...
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