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For questions about computer-generated images (CGI).

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CGI sci-fi cartoon/animated series in which good guys and bad guys engage in 'dogfighting'/pursuit with high speed crafts along canyons of the planet

Looking for a late 1990s or early 2000s CGI sci-fi cartoon/animated series of which I can clearly remember the following: Human protagonists. A sequence in which good guys and bad guys engage in '...
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YA/children's Sci-Fi novel with CGI baby head against purple and yellow sky

I am looking for a book I vividly remember seeing in my school library when I was a child. I am assuming the book is a 90s/00s book. All I remember was the cover, and something nagged me that it was ...
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Early 90s CGI short involving a camouflaged (not cloaked) Romulan or Klingon ship shooting down a fighter jet

This is, admittedly, a secondhand query, but one that I think I will recognize on seeing it and seeing Early '90s CGI short film about insects living inside a computer answered made me bold enough ...
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Early '90s CGI short film about insects living inside a computer

This has been driving me crazy for years. In the early '90s, I remember seeing a CGI short film. It’s about a kid who gets a computer game, but when he starts playing, something goes wrong and the ...
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Movie/CGI in which a genetically engineered organism can turn electronic items into living things and also control them

I cannot properly recall, but it was about some genetically engineered organism that can turn any electronic item into a living thing and also control them. Then the president's son goes missing with ...
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Was "America's ass" actually played by Chris Evans'?

In Avenger's Endgame, Specifically, Given that there is a wide shot of both of them together, was this rear end played by Chris Evans' through compositing? Or was there a body double for this shot?...
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What and how much de-aging technology is applied in Captain Marvel?

It is known that Captain Marvel takes place in the 90s. Given the release of the first trailer for Captain Marvel, we now know that Given that these characters ...
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What was the first 3D CGI used in Star Trek?

This means I'm seeking the first three-dimensionally computer-modeled and rendered imagery used in Star Trek. We know there was extensive 3D CGI used in DS9 (Odo) and Voyager (USS Voyager). But ...
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In The Last Jedi, how was this character filmed?

In The Last Jedi, Yoda looked very puppet-like and you could tell they took great care to make him look like what we all remember from ESB/ROTJ rather than the CGI version from the prequels. But with ...
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Anime from 2008-2012 involving furry characters and a watermelon shaped monster

Chronology & other Information I went to Fry's Electronics at some point between 2008 and 2012 and I saw this CGI anime thing on one of the TVs. Plot points What I remember is that: It was CGI (a ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Is Luke's hand animatronic or CG?

I am referring to the appearance in The Force Awakens
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Did they use models or CGI for the spaceships in The Force Awakens?

Before The Force Awakens was released, Lucasfilm talked a lot about their efforts to use practical effects and such, using CGI relatively sparingly. This video covers practical costumes, props, droids,...
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Were the Project Genesis Summary animations computer generated?

These animations looked pretty good for 1984. Were they computer generated, or how were they produced?
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During the TNG era, how were the visual effects for planets produced?

In TNG, most of the ships look really good due to excellent model work. A lot of the on-screen effects look sort of hokey (think various iffy aliens, 2D morphing, motion capture of insect parasites, ...
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