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Questions tagged [chameleon-circuit]

In Doctor Who, the device that ostensibly allows a TARDIS to blend into its surroundings and go unnoticed by the local populace. The chameleon circuit in the Doctor's TARDIS famously malfunctions in the show's first episode, leaving it stuck as a police telephone box.

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What does a TARDIS start as?

The Doctor's TARDIS is always its iconic blue police box - but this is not standard; it is due to its chameleon circuit (the thing that is meant to change its appearance to camouflage into its ...
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When did Doctor Who explain how the chameleon circuit works?

I have no idea when or where, but I seem to recall the Doctor saying at some point that the TARDIS’s chameleon circuit is not broken—on landing, it scans the surroundings, determines a suitable form ...
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How Does The TARDIS Not Get Noticed?

A friend asked me last night, if the TARDIS is meant to disguise itself but it broke, how do people not notice a big blue phone box appearing out of nowhere? In the episode with Van Gogh the TARDIS ...
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Is the chameleon circuit attached to the chameleon arch?

In The Family of Blood, the Doctor uses the chameleon arch to turn himself human. It is a cloak to hide his Timelord self from the family. The circuit is what makes the TARDIS the blue box. My ...
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