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A "Chosen One" represents a character (most often the central character) of a story, who has been "chosen" by fate (or another being) to do some great task. Use this tag only to discuss the broader concept of chosen characters

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Does Anakin “bring balance to the force” by fathering Luke and Leia? [duplicate]

Watching the Star Wars series again with my younglings and I feel like Ani and Padme brought balance to the force by making Luke and Leia… it feels like he didn’t fulfill the prophecy, but as even ...
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How can the prophecy of the Chosen One be re-interpreted in light of Palpatine's return in the Disney canon?

The explanation I usually hear for Rey playing an equally, if not more, dramatic role in defeating Palpatine compared to Anakin's (while still not formally replacing him as the Chosen One) is that the ...
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Old sci-fi cartoon movie about underground slaves, space empire and a Chosen One from 80s/90s [duplicate]

When I was a kid I saw a cartoon probably made in the 80s or early 90s. In this cartoon, underground inhabitants extracted resources under the supervision of overseers/demons. The protagonist ...
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Who was the first Chosen One in sci-fi/fantasy?

From Star Wars to Harry Potter having a Chosen One is very common in science fiction and fantasy. What was the first science fiction or fantasy work to feature a Chosen One? I'd preferably like the ...
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Who chooses the Chosen One?

So the old Jedi legend tells of a Chosen One who will bring balance to the Force. What I'm curious about is - why the "Chosen" One? Who supposedly does the choosing? The Force, as a conscious entity ...
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Could the Jedi have thought Yoda was the Chosen One?

When Yoda was a Padawan, could the Jedi have thought he was the Chosen One?
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Missing text of "The Prophecy of The Chosen One"

Is there some canon source including completely the exact text of "The Prophecy of The Chosen One"? I am reading The Jedi Path, but the pages containing the text are defaced, supposedly by Palpatine.
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Who was "The Chosen One": Luke or Anakin?

Most would say that Luke is because he is the focus of the first movies (4-6), but Qui-gon said Anakin was "The Chosen One". Who was the real "Chosen One"?
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