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Questions tagged [circle-universe]

The Circle universe is named for the original quartet set in it, Circle of Magic. It is one of the two unconnected fantasy worlds Tamora Pierce writes in. The other is the Tortall universe.

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Why doesn't Briar initially believe in magic?

In Sandry's Book, Briar initially seems to be skeptical of not only his own magic, but the existence of magic in general (which, given its apparent prevalence in the world and at Winding Circle in ...
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Circle Universe fanfic where Tris went sorta power-mad after the Pirate Battle and Nico had to talk her down

Help me find a fanfic where Tris went sorta power-mad and started to call herself Stormbringer or Stormbreaker, or something. Whatever name she thought of while trying to stop the tides or something, ...
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In the Circle of Magic Series, what is the nature of Lark and Rosethorn's relationship to one another?

I was reading a list of fantasy novels that included queer protagonists and it was revealed that in later books, Daja is in a same-sex relationship. It also stated that earlier books "feature a ...
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