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Questions tagged [cloud-atlas]

Cloud Atlas is a novel published in 2004 by David Mitchell which was made a movie in 2012 directed by The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer.

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Why did Sonmi 451 suggest this to the archivist?

In the movie, at one point of the interview that provides the framing story for the Neo Seoul episode, Sonmi 451 tells the archivist about the night when Yoona 939 woke her. That night, Sonmi 451 ...
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Why would the interrogator in Cloud Atlas even care about legal procedures for a fabricant?

Spoiler Alert: Here is part of the interrogation scene. One might think the purpose of such an interrogation would be to get information about the rebels so the ...
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Were the actors in Cloud Atlas meant to portray characters that were somehow related?

So one of the hooks of the Cloud Atlas movie was that it would have the same actors portraying multiple characters throughout the film. Was this a plot device somehow, or was this just novelty? Were ...
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Why is there a disconnect between Luisa Rey and the other reincarnations?

I am specifically speaking about the novel here, rather than the movie of the same name, although I doubt there is a difference between the two. All of the other characters in the novel appear to be ...
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Why is Cloud Atlas named 'Cloud Atlas'?

I am writing a film report on Cloud Atlas (though the school system is different here, I would be in high school in the US, AFAIK) and I have to explain the title as part of this film report, but ...
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What are the 'afflictions' the lawyer speaks of in the first few scenes?

The lawyer in Cloud Atlas first approaches the doctor (Tom Hanks) 'in hopes he can cure my afflictions'. So what were the afflictions then?
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Were the time eras in Cloud-Atlas happening in parallel?

In the movie there seemed to be 6 eras where events happened. I say eras because it started at some point from the past and unwrapped to the future. So these 6 eras seemed to be consecutive. But then ...
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How much of Cloud Atlas was real?

After having finished Cloud Atlas (both book and movie), I'm left with a rather perplexing question. It is lightly implied in the book that almost none of it was actually happening to real people. ...
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