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The Commonwealth Saga is a series of two books by Peter F. Hamilton, a British sci-fi author set in the Commonwealth Universe before "The Void trilogy" and after the stand-alone books "Misspent Youth" and "Demon Trap".

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Commonwealth Saga : What is the motive behind that part of the plan?

I recently finished reading (again) the Commonwealth Saga, by Peter F. Hamilton, and something struck me near the conclusion of everything : Why is it part of the plan of the and why is it so ...
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Why aren't wormholes used for energy generation?

The wormholes in the Commonwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton seem to be very variable/controllable in terms of size and positioning. The books also devote a significant amount of time talking about ...
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Why didn't the Primes take over the Commonwealth?

In Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth Saga, the Primes invaded the Commonwealth with overwhelming numbers and force. On their first attack, they opened almost a thousand wormholes into Commonwealth ...
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'Pandora's Star': Who erected the great force fields?

Spoiler alert if you haven't read the books yet! In Pandora's Star, it is written as follows: Then it happened: the strangest weapon of all was used. The enemy alienPrimes [from the star system of ...
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In Dreaming Void (Commonwealth Saga) What happened to the SI

Many of the original commonwealth characters from Pandora's Star appear or at least have a reference in the Dreaming Void. The SI was the repository for many of the memories of people from the ...
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How do spore showers work?

People take "spore showers" in Peter F. Hamilton's Void Trilogy quite often. How exactly do they work?
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How do I place a stationary wormhole on a planets surface?

In the Commonwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton (and many other universes) the planets are connected by large wormholes, that stay on the surface of the planets, so you can travel through with vehicles ...
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Does an illustration of Tochee from the Commonwealth Saga exist?

One specific creature from the Commonwealth Saga has caught my interest -- Tochee. My imagination is really bad, and I can not hold all the descriptive details in mind at once. I have tried to find ...
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Do the Night's Dawn Trilogy and the Commonwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton share a universe?

I've read the Commonwealth saga and I am considering reading the Night's Dawn trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton. What is the relationship of the universes between the two series? I was under the ...
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Why is it beneficial for immotiles to create new immotiles?

I've just read the Commonwealth Saga and in a scene of MorningLightMountain it described how the immotile have a short-term benefit in creation of new immotiles to colonize new terrain as for a short ...