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2005 movie adaptation, loosely based on the comic book series Hellblazer, featuring Keanu Reeves as the titular occult detective John Constantine, who is trying to prevent demons from Hell from invading Earth.

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In the movie Constantine, what was the significance of the glass jars hanging from the ceiling in Beeman's room?

There were a lot of glass jars hanging from the ceiling in Beeman's room in the bowling alley. What does this mean? Obviously, Google brings up glass bottles in trees and catching spirits, etc. Is ...
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Constantine and "suicide == no Catholic burial"

As one might recall from Constantine, a plot point was that Isabel Dodson was a suicide and thus barred from a Catholic burial, condemned to Hell, et cetera. After some cursory research I found this ...
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In Constantine, what were the ring-like items Isabel threw?

In Constantine, what did Isabel drop before her suicide? It looks like a pair of rings. What was the meaning of throwing them off the roof first?
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Different ending(s) to Constantine the movie?

When the movie Constantine came out I thought I'd seen a version where in the end Gabriel got her wings back, emerging from the pool while smiling. As if the whole plot was to get John to the 'good' ...
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In the movie Constantine how did Constantine stay alive?

In the movie Constantine, John is dying from cancer. At one moment in time he cuts his own wrists in order to die early and force Lucifer to come and take him so he can tell Lucifer about what is ...
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Has the "Hellblazer" Constantine ever met Lucifer?

In the 2005 "Constantine" movie the main character in the climax of the has a small tête–à–tête with the Devil- aka Lucifer Morningstar. But in the Vertigo comic book universe, Lucifer has quit the ...
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What, if anything, do Gabriel's bracelets signify?

In the movie Constantine, during the climax in the mental hospital, Gabriel is shown wearing many hospital bracelets. What, if anything, do these bracelets signify? Neither the official novelisation ...
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Was Isabel Dodson Mammon's original choice?

In the movie Constantine, Isabel Dodson commits suicide, after which her twin, Angela, seeks Constantine's assistance. Angela ends up being key in Mammon's plan to claim the earth. Both Isabel and ...
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Was Kramer a half-breed or did he become an angel after his death?

The ending to Constantine confused me. When Kramer rose from his grave, does that imply that he became an angel after his death? Or was he a half-breed like several other characters in the movie? I ...
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3 answers

Why did Lucifer interfere with Mammon crossing over?

Why did Lucifer care about Mammon crossing over from Hell to the real world? Before coming up to drag John (literally) to Hell, he makes a detour and sends his son back to presumably prevent Hell on ...
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What was John trying to do by chanting "Into the light I command thee"?

Near the end of Constantine, before John is interrupted by Gabriel, he is holding his forearms together chanting "Into the light I command thee!". Why; what was he trying to do? It seems like Mammon ...
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How exactly does the world-hell transition work in Constantine?

John Constantine explains that water acts as some sort of lubricant to facilitate the transition into the hell dimension. However, I don't see how exactly this works. In particular the film left open ...
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Why did Constantine take the amulet from the priest?

In the movie Constantine said, "You don't need its protection, it would be like the old days." Did the amulet prohibit hearing voices? So he could find out what's happening and report back to ...
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