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For questions about Continuum, a Canadian science fiction story depicting a group of terrorists that travel from 2077 back to 2012 to escape execution, and a police office who follows them.

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What is the life story of Curtis Chen in Continuum?

In the excellent Canadian science fiction show Continuum, Curtis Chen is one of the Liber8 terrorists who traveled to the past. Here are some facts that we know about him: In Season 2 we see a ...
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Who was the Traveler?

During the latter seasons of Continuum, we learn a lot about a group called the "Freelancers", whose job is apparently to fix problems in time. In the final season we are told about a man called "the ...
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In Continuum (TV show), why doesn't Keira use invisibility more often?

She's in a fight and DOESN'T become invisible???? Why the heck not? Sure, when Carlos is around she might not want to use it -- not least because she doesn't want her own partner to shoot her by ...
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What really happened on Kellog's boat?

At the beginning of S1E10 of Continuum, Kiera wakes up on Kellog's bed in a daze and eventually moves towards the kitchen where he is cooking breakfast. After an exchange of friendly greetings and ...
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Is there a Continuum in-universe source given for where Alec Sadler gets money for all his equipment?

In the show Continuum, the young Alec Sadler seems to have an amazing amount of technology available. Is there a canon/in-universe source listed for where he gets money for all those items? Even if ...
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In TV show "Continuum", why would water be at a premium when energy is free?

In S1E4 of Continuum, we were told by the end that energy was cheap and plentiful, but water was at a premium (referring to the dry cleaning). If energy is cheap, cleaning water should be cheap and ...
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