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Questions tagged [costume]

For questions regarding the garb, uniforms, or costumes particular to a Science Fiction or Fantasy story, series, franchise or character.

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Why was Wonder Woman's costume updated but then immediately reverted to the old one?

A Wonder Woman costume fan art I posted in chat reminded me of an old question I'd asked here: In what arc or continuity does Wonder Woman's costume have leggings? In Wonder Woman #41 (which is ...
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In the 2000 Dune miniseries, why are two characters bald and eyebrowless?

In the Frank Hebert’s Dune TV miniseries, there are two characters with no hair or eyebrows. One is a Spacing Guild representative, and the other is a non-speaking minor character, a young woman spy/...
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Where did the space-suit design used in Mobile Suit Gundam by the Zeons originate, or did it originate from Gundam?

As the title says. I swear I've seen sci-fi art from before then that had similar suit designs, seen here, and I'm curious of who came up with it originally. It's sort of difficult to find other ...
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Who designed/created latex outfits in Star Trek Into Darkness

I was wondering who created the latex outfits in the Star Trek into Darkness. Does anyone know?
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What does it signify when Denna goes barefoot for miles?

In The Wise Man's Fear, in one scene, Kvothe meets Denna, and she walks with him for miles, barefoot, through the city (including on cobblestones) and the countryside. Now when Kvothe has gone ...
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