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Cryogenics and cryonics are the studies of materials and living systems, respectively, at extremely low temperatures. Both are common in science fiction.

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Book in which a father and daughter wake up on an abandoned spacecraft after spending hundreds of years in cryostasis

I read a book a while ago about a father and daughter who were cryogenically frozen until the cure for the daughter's disease was found. But it turns out they were frozen for hundreds of years and are ...
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In citizen sleeper, why are the people whose minds been copied to create Sleepers, kept in cryosleep?

In the video game Citizen Sleeper, the titular Sleepers are biomechanical constructs controlled by an emulated human mind. In the setting, there is a general ban on sentient AI, and sleepers are a ...
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Book that explores cryofreeze, before storing human DNA in threads becomes viable

I read this around 2005 from my high school library, though the book appeared at minimum a decade older. The protagonist was one of few people who were successfully restored from cryofreeze, and he ...
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'80s young adult novel about a woman who awakes from cryosleep and finds that the Earth has been conquered by aliens

I got the book (in German) maybe around 1990 from a children's library, so it was probably a young adult novel. I believe to remember that the title of the book was the name of the protagonist, a ...
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Movie with a character un-frozen after several attempts and living in a future where everyone else is eternally youthful

I'm trying to find a movie that I watched about a year ago. It was from Redbox, so surely not new at that time, but maybe a 2010-2020 (certainly not older than 2000). The movie was about a man, I ...
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What is the first novel to feature the plot device of characters emerging from a bunker into a post-apocalyptic world?

This trope is used so frequently that I wonder just how old the concept is. There are two variations I'm aware of. In the first, a population shelters from some sort of catastrophe and exist for so ...
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In Star Trek TNG's episode, "The Neutral Zone," how were the frozen dead people revived if they died BEFORE they were frozen?

Surely doctors in the Star Trek universe don't have the power to bring the dead back to life? If so, why wasn't this power used on other dead characters? Why wasn't this incredible power explored in ...
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A short novel about reaching absolute zero

I read this novel about 10 years ago, but it was a library book, already used. But it did not “feel” like an old classic. Hard to pinpoint the time it was written. What I remember best is the book. ...
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Horror film about a man brought out of cryogenic suspension without a soul, around 1990

This is a matter of vague childhood memories, but I remember seeing a preview for a film on TV where a man was brought out of cryogenic suspension and somehow, the process had made him a killer. I ...
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Did Ripley age between Alien and Aliens? [duplicate]

When Ripley was in Cryo-sleep between Alien and Aliens did she age at all? The person in Cryo is still alive, reduced heart rate etc, but given that you wouldn't normally be 'asleep' for so long any ...
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(70s, or 80s Novel) Man with intelligent robotic legs (from the waist down) [duplicate]

In the future a Man was involved in an accident and lost the lower half of his body. He gets a Prosthetic that replaces everything from his waist down. The prosthetic is also cybernetic, (an AI of ...
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Old science fiction novel about a man of the near future awakening from suspended animation to find himself in a technophobic theocracy

I remember this novel's plot in some detail, but nothing about the author, the title, or the character names. I believe this book was already on the shelves of a public library in Indiana in the mid-...
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Sci-fi novel about a woman who is cryogenized throughout millennia

I do not remember as to why she is cryogenized in the first place, but the device is pretty resilient and supports her waking in different periods of Earth evolution, when, by various events, she is ...
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Sci-fi short story, aliens warned not to wake last human from cryo sleep

The last human (a man) is found in a cryo-pod by some aliens, and an older frog-dude warns them all that humans were incredibly dangerous back when and that it should stay frozen. They do wake him, ...
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Short story about a man who plans to live forever and ends up preserved as an exhibit in the future

I once read a story about a man who schemed and plotted his way to wealth and sought immortality by preserving himself to be woken in the future. The story ended with him being a display at a museum ...
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Old sci-fi story about the guy waking up women from cryostasis

It involved a long-term space trip and the inhabitants could only be put to sleep once because the second cryo was too much for their body and they would die. The man literally went through every ...
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Book published in 1980's - college student that absorbs a "crystalline" alien

Book I read when I was younger, that had the key character as a college student that was a perpetual student whose costs were covered by an uncle that was put in cryostasis. As long as the kid was a ...
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Trying to remember the name of a sci-fi actioner from around the late 80s-early 90s

Here's what I recall about it: Notorious criminals have their consciousness pulled out of their bodies, after which the body is frozen and the mind is locked up in a super secure cyber-prison. Big ...
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Looking for a specific Twilight Zone-style comic storyline - Wealthiest man in the world, global ecological disaster, cryogenically frozen

I remember reading a comic book in a flea market, about thirty years ago (meaning I read it in the mid-1980s, though the comic book was likely dated from the early 1970s to the early 1980s), that had ...
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How could "cryonics" be "just a fad"?

In "The Neutral Zone", the Enterprise happens upon a number of 20th century individuals who have been frozen as sent drifting in space to be hopefully found later and healed. They are easily ... ...
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