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For questions about the "Cybermen", a race of cyborgs from the Doctor Who TV-series who are enemies of the Doctor. Always use in conjunction with the [doctor-who] tag.

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Did the Cybermen ever have a civil war?

It is well established that during the Dalek history, that they have had various civil wars. I don't think this has ever been explored in the TV series, but is anyone aware of sources involving ...
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Were the scanners and habermans from Cordwainer Smith an influence for the writing of the Cybermen?

In "Scanners Live in Vain" (1950), Cordwainer Smith explores a society where space travel is only possible if the pilots undergo drastic surgery. The "Great Pain of Space" makes it,...
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How does CyberMaster regeneration work?

How does the regeneration energy in the CyberMasters not destroy them? Aren't they completely made of steel? What happens to the organic matter inside of a cyber Time Lord? Does it regrow as rotting ...
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Would lightning be an effective weapon against Cybermen?

I've heard humans now have the technology to change weather patterns, like dispersing chemicals into cloud formations to make it rain. Would electricity from lightning kill Cybermen or would it do ...
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When in Mondas' timeline did they launch their colony ship?

The following contains possible spoilers for classic and modern episodes of Doctor Who. Where does the Mondasian colony ship from TV: World Enough and Time play into what we know about the timeline ...
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Why do the Cybermen coming through the rift move organically?

This question references S2E12 ("Army of Ghosts") and S2E13 ("Doomsday") of the modern series. Refresher - the Torchwood institute is allowing 'ghosts' through a rift in dimensions they discovered. ...
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How come the Cybermen still want to upgrade humans in The Doctor Falls?

In The Doctor Falls, the Doctor And it seems to work well. How come afterwards the Cybermen are still searching for humans to upgrade? The simplest answer is that one of the not-yet-converted humans ...
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*Major Season 10 Spoilers* Why Can't The Cybermen Find The Doctor?

At the beginning of "The Doctor Falls" (s10, e14), the Doctor Later in the episode, two things happen of import to the question, and one in the previous episode. One of the former is that This means ...
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Difference between Mondasian and usual Cybermen

Spoiler alert for someone who has not seen Doctor Who s10e11 trailer! I do not understand: how they are different from the usual ones, who we've already seen in the series?
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What are the similarities between The Borg and The Cybermen?

Having watched very little Star Trek, when I heard the monologue of: We are the Borg. We shall add your technological and biological distinctions to our own. It reminded me of the mantra of both ...
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Did the Doctor knowingly kill an innocent being?

At the end of S02E06 of NuWho, The Age of Steel, the Tenth Doctor and his companions are clinging to John Lumic's Zeppelin via a rope ladder as they escape from the Cyberman Factory. Moments before, ...
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Who were the original Cybermen?

The original Cybermen had to be upgraded from somewhere, and seeing that they share a human-like structure, were they humans? Or were they another species? Also, did the original Cybermen interact ...
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Do Cybermen eat?

In "Tomb of the Cybermen", there was a device mentioned that was apparently used to revitalise the Cybermen, but did Cybermen ever need to eat or drink?
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How does the sonic screwdriver eliminate the Cybermen in The Age of Steel

The sonic screwdriver is known to do many things (well, as long as it's not to wood). But at the beginning of The Age Of Steel, the Doctor destroys a good few Cybermen by blasting something out of the ...
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Why did Torchwood have the ghost shift lever?

The "ghosts" were the Cybermen trying to instantiate themselves in the world, but where did Torchwood get the lever that controlled the ghost shifts? Why were they running the shifts?
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Are the Cybermen in "Assimilation²" Mondasian or Cybus?

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 is a great comic, but what's the deal with the Cybermen in the flashback? They have the enormous earcovers and smooth lines of the Mondasian ...
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What's the point on assimilating humans for the Cybermen?

Cybermen are half robot, half human. During all the show, the Cybermen are eager to assimilate humans to increase their ranks. But, in The Pandorica Opens, we see that a Cyberman, with its organic ...
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Did The Cybermen influence the creation of The Borg?

Did Doctor Who's Cybermen influence Star Trek writers when they created the Borg? Did they even copy the idea? There are many similarities: both are cyborgs, both assimilate other species by force, ...
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What happened to the Cybermen in our universe?

In the new Doctor Who series the Cybermen come from an alternate universe and an alternate Earth. In the old series the Cybermen came from our universe. So what happened to them?
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