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Questions tagged [dark-city]

The 1998 science fiction and neo-noir mystery film Dark City. A man suffering from acute memory-loss awakens in a dark and twisted world.

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How big is the city in the film Dark City?

In the 1998 film Dark City, how big was the city supposed to be? What's its approximate size?
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Does imprinting Murdoch with the strangers' memories help them achieve their desired individuality?

The strangers asked Dr.Schreber to imprint Murdoch with the their own collective memories. Instead he imprinted him with a 'training' memory. If Schreber had did what he was told, would the imprint ...
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How did the strangers sync the memories of all the inhabitants?

In Dark City (1998), the strangers didn't imprint everyone when they were 'tuning'. Besides, some of the buildings were also considerably altered during the process. How did they sync the memories of ...
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Did all the Strangers have access to John Murdoch's memories in Dark City (1998)?

Since the Strangers are supposed to have a hive mind, do all the Strangers have access to John Murdoch's memories once Mr. Hand is imprinted with them?
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Looking for a movie where everybody has false memories. Possibly Dark City

There's a movie or TV show that I saw 10-20 years ago, modern, where people have fake memories. In one of the scenes, one person (somehow I keep thinking of Steve Buscemi, but it was someone who had a ...
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How would individuality help the Strangers survive?

Just watched Dark City. The Strangers are dying out, so they need to experiment on humans to find out what makes them individuals and not collectively minded like themselves. Is there any word out ...
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Did Doctor Schreber create Murdoch's ability in the first place?

Did John Murdoch spontaneously gain the ability to tune, or was it manufactured by Doctor Schreber and injected into him? Right from the beginning of the movie, Schreber seems to have a plan for ...
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Is the force field in Dark City selective in nature?

In the Alex Proyas' movie Dark City (1998), Murdoch finds the fake Shell Beach poster and tries to find out what is beyond it by breaking it. But in the scenes that follow, the wall breaks and one of ...
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What happens to the "strangers" at the end of Dark City (1998 movie)?

At some point we are shown a battle between the main character and one of the bad guys... but all the others just seem to run away, and it's never shown what happens to them. It is possible that as ...
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