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The Dark Crystal is a 1982 fantasy film directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, using animatronics and puppets instead of live actors to create an alien feeling world, with creature concepts by artist Brian Froud.

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What is Hup singing in jail?

Hup singing in jail was one of my favourite scenes from the Age of Resistance series (episode 4). I'm learning what I can about the podling language, and as such I'd like to know what the song ...
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What is the full chronology of the ages in the Dark Crystal franchise, and how do all the different works fit in them?

From perusing the Dark Crystal fandom wiki I think all the 'dietetic' ages are: Age of Innocence Age of Harmony Age of Division Age of Power With the Original movie and Age of Resistance taking ...
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Was there any creative interaction between the makers of The Dark Crystal and The Last Unicorn?

I just watched The Last Unicorn with my son. It was the first time I had seen it in a long time, and both he and I were struck by the similarity in the beak design between Celaeno the harpy and the ...
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Where are the mystics?

I looked up Age of Resistance last night, and some of what I saw kind of contradicts the original movie. Far as I can tell there was nothing about the crystal breaking, Aughra used to watch over the ...
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How many Gelflings are there in the Age of Resistance?

How big is the Gelfling population during the events of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? Is there a breakdown by clan? Looking for answers from the creators of the show or from the supplemental ...
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What was skekUng's original title?

In the Dark Crystal, skekUng is referred to as the Garthim-Master. However, from Age of Resistance we know that skekTek created the Garthim long after the Great Division. What was skekUng's title ...
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What Is the Dying Sun of Thra? [closed]

Here are the "three suns" that the planet Thra orbits in the mythology of The Dark Crystal: They are all named, according to the Dark Crystal Wiki, the Greater, Rose and Dying suns. From this ...
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Which origin fact is true about the Skeksis?

Between the Dark Crystal movie and the new Netflix series, the Skeksis’s origin became confusing to me. In the movie, it was stated that Skeksis came from a great conjunction, splitting up from a ...
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Are the Mystics ever clearly depicted as having four hands?

Having watched The Dark Crystal at a young age, I grew up thinking that the Mystics had three arms. However this source says that they have four. I know they used puppetry for all of the creatures ...
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