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The Dark Knight Returns is a comic book miniseries, with four issues, starring Batman.

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What does Oliver Queen mean when says he wants "a piece of him" in the Dark Knight Returns?

Dialogue fragment is: -You draw too much attention to yourself. Always have. I mean, sure, you play it mysterious... but it's a noisy kind of mysterious. You, they have to kill. -What is it you want, ...
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What was Miller's intention for this scene of The Dark Knight Returns?

I never knew what to infer from a certain scene (or panel) from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller related to the ransom of the Ridley Chewing Gum heir. After getting rid of the big mutant Batman ...
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Why is superman still bruised at the end of the dark knight returns?

After the battle between Superman and Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, Superman goes to Batman's funeral. However, Superman still has his face all bruised. We have seen that Superman regenerates ...
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Is Batman in "The Dark Knight Returns" acting out of character compared to the "canon Batman"?

Me and my friend recently had an argument regarding Miller's The Dark Knight Returns story. Namely, my friend (who is far more familiar with Batman comics and DC comics in general) claims that its ...
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What's the significance of the empty Robin suit in Dark Knight Returns, and is it linked to A Death in the Family?

In The Dark Knight Returns, several panels show an empty Robin suit on display in the Batcave. I had always assumed this was a reference to the storyline A Death in the Family. However I just ...
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How did Batman fake his death in The Dark Knight Returns?

At the end of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Batman beats up Superman and delivers the iconic quote: I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come, in your most private moments, ...
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