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For questions about “Dark Nights: Metal”, a 2017–2018 DC Comics storyline written by Scott Snyder. It features an invasion of Prime Earth / Earth 0 by the “Dark Knights”, corrupted Batmen from the Dark Multiverse, each of whom is an amalgam of Batman and another DC Comics character. Their leader is The Batman Who Laughs, a Batman/Joker hybrid. They serve Barbatos, the “Bat-God”. Always use together with the [dc] tag.

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What is a "Cassandra Engine", and how does it neutralize Wonder Woman's powers?

In the first issue of Dark Nights: Metal, the Justice League is captured by Mongul and forced to wear armor that neutralizes their powers. For example, Superman: the dust of a thousand red suns, Flash ...
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6 votes
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How did Wonder Woman get Carter's mace back?

In Dark Nights: Metal #5 Batman Who Laughs shoots Wonder Woman with an eighth metal bullet, takes the ninth metal mace, part of the ninth metal they were after, and teleports away leaving Wonder Woman ...
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Is the Batman who Laughs storyline in "Dark Nights Metal" part of its own story?

So, I am going through the Dark Nights: Metal story line currently and each of the nightmare Batmen has a one shot comic book related to showing who they were in their own negative universe before ...
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Who's the giant Batman in the back of this "Dark Nights: Metal" Batman picture?

I have found websites that describe all the other Batmen but not the giant, cloaked Batman in the back of this Dark Nights: Metal #2 panel. Who is this Batman, and what multiverse are they from?
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