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For questions about Darksaber, a unique weapon similar to a lightsaber. Only use for questions about the weapon and not those that simply mention it. Always use in conjunction with the [star-wars] tag.

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Why did the Darksaber ignite so slowly in Mandalorian Chapter 22 “Guns for Hire”?

Major spoiler for Chapter 22 “Guns for Hire” Is there an in-universe reason why the Darksaber ignited so slowly on that occasion?
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How would the Darksaber deflect blaster fire?

Although briefly possessed on screen by two Force wielders (Maul and Kanan Jarrus), I don't recall ever seeing the Darksaber being used in the way we've often seen lightsabers used in Star Wars, to ...
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Why did this character accept the Darksaber?

spoilers for The Clone Wars, Rebels, and The Mandalorian season 2 The Darksaber is established as being forged by Tarre Vizsla and then passed down through the Vizsla clan. This shows that the ...
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Was this person an owner of the Darksaber?

Spoilers for The Clone Wars, Rebels, and season 2 of The Mandalorian The history of the Darksaber is that it was passed down through Clan Vizsla for years until Maul won it from Pre Vizsla in a duel. ...
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