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David Brin is an American scientist and an author of science fiction. His 1985 novel, The Postman, was adapted as a film of the same name in 1997. He was born in 1950.

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Fiction about women and nagging

There is this story about a man of a tribe who just wanted to chill and relax but the women of the tribe wouldn't stop nagging. So grudgingly he set out to save the world even though all he wanted to ...
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In David Brin's "Kiln People," why is Ritu's head shaved?

In David Brin's novel Kiln People, there is an unclear reference--once--to Ritu having a shaved head, but no explanation as to when or why or how this happened. This is mentioned at the point where ...
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Houseflies use humanity to colonize the galaxy

David Brin's short story "The Giving Plague" contains the following passage: A guy I once knew, who used to read science fiction, told me about this story he'd seen, in which it turned out that ...
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Is David Brin's "Existence" part of the "Uplift" universe?

A lot of reviewers say it isn't, despite the dolphins, but Brin seems to be trying for ambiguity and has stated 'some will argue that my latest novel, Existence is a precursor to the uplift novels. I'...
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Is there a reason this human character's name sounds Tymbrimi?

It's time to play Guess The Human! Here's a list of characters mentioned in The Uplift War Athaclena, Ma'chutallil, Mathicluanna, Oshoyoythuna, Oth'thushutn, Prathachulthorn, Thlufallthreela, ...
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What's with the word "sardonic" in sci-fi?

OK, this is going to seem to be either a ridiculous question or there is something there. I have noticed that Asimov is a huge fan of the word "sardonic". Maybe it's just that I notice it because I ...
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Any tales about the Vanilla Needle and Jacob Demwa?

I'm rereading Sundiver by David Brin for the first time in a long time. In it, Jacob Demwa is recently scarred by an incident at the Vanilla Needle in which he loses his wife. Brin is excellent at ...
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