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David Brin is an American scientist and an author of science fiction. His 1985 novel, The Postman, was adapted as a film of the same name in 1997. He was born in 1950.

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In David Brin's "Kiln People," why is Ritu's head shaved?

In David Brin's novel Kiln People, there is an unclear reference--once--to Ritu having a shaved head, but no explanation as to when or why or how this happened. This is mentioned at the point where ...
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Houseflies use humanity to colonize the galaxy

David Brin's short story "The Giving Plague" contains the following passage: A guy I once knew, who used to read science fiction, told me about this story he'd seen, in which it turned out that ...
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Is David Brin's "Existence" part of the "Uplift" universe?

A lot of reviewers say it isn't, despite the dolphins, but Brin seems to be trying for ambiguity and has stated 'some will argue that my latest novel, Existence is a precursor to the uplift novels. I'...
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Is there a reason this human character's name sounds Tymbrimi?

It's time to play Guess The Human! Here's a list of characters mentioned in The Uplift War Athaclena, Ma'chutallil, Mathicluanna, Oshoyoythuna, Oth'thushutn, Prathachulthorn, Thlufallthreela, ...
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What's with the word "sardonic" in sci-fi?

OK, this is going to seem to be either a ridiculous question or there is something there. I have noticed that Asimov is a huge fan of the word "sardonic". Maybe it's just that I notice it because I ...
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Any tales about the Vanilla Needle and Jacob Demwa?

I'm rereading Sundiver by David Brin for the first time in a long time. In it, Jacob Demwa is recently scarred by an incident at the Vanilla Needle in which he loses his wife. Brin is excellent at ...