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For questions about David Eddings, an American author who wrote several best-selling series of epic fantasy novels. Only use for questions about the author himself; for questions about his works use the appropriate work tag instead.

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Torak just needed someone to love him?

So I just reread The Belgariad. In the final battle in Enchanter's End Game, Belgarath clearly states Torak - and his Necessity - would have won if someone loved him. Torak tried to get Polgara to ...
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Who was powering Zalasta's spells at the end of the Tamuli?

One of the points that is made through the series though is that pretty much all the magic in the world comes from the Gods and that casting magical spells is basically accomplished by praying to them....
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King Rhodar's first wife

Re reading The Belgariad and I would like to ask if Eddings had darker intent for King Rhodar. In Pawn of Prophecy, when Silk introduces the Kings and Queens, Queen Porenn is introduced as Rhodar's ...
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Why is Murgo Gold used as a currency?

Murgo Gold is used as currency by the Grolims to trade (or at least act) and pay their agent. The thing that confuses me the most is that how this currency is counted as gold equivalent when it's ...
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Animal Harmony in Aldur's Vale

In Malloreon, Belgarath states that "Aldur's presence allows animals to live in harmony". However, in Polgara The Sorceress, a hawk almost eats her while she's playing a a squirrel in "The Tree", ...
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Did the Melcenes allow temples to Torak on their land?

The Melcene people were considered one of the 'godless' ones, meaning their people weren't selected by any particular god and thus remained atheist. However, they eventually merged with the Mallorean ...
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Who is the fat man in red on the Elene royal council?

Rereading The Elenium, I noticed for the first time an unnamed member of the royal council: a fat man in red whom Sparhawk doesn’t recognize, and who never speaks, and who is never again mentioned ...
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Searching for a dialogue from one of the books from Belgariad or Mallorean

I don't have access to my books and have no PDF version of them, nor being able to find it using Google (seems I'm good at find anything with Google except from book quotes) I'm searching for a ...
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Is Ce'Nedra a full dryad or "half dryad"?

In Where is Ce'Nedra's tree?, one of the answers depends on a concept of Ce'Nedra being "half dryad" with other disputing that. This is apparently a common debate in the fandom. The quotes I'...
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Are words necessary to perform Sorcery in the Belgariad?

In the Belgariad (and other works by Eddings within the same universe), is it always necessary to use spoken words to cast magic through the Will and the Word? Or is it possible to utilize it purely ...
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Are the countries in the Belgariad based on real ones?

Is there any info on which real-life countries the countries in David Eddings's Belgariad and Malloreon were based on? So far I've come up with the following: Sendaria ~ Britain (mixture of cultures, ...
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Contribution of Leigh Eddings

Do we know how much or what exactly Leigh Eddings' contributions were to the Belgariad, Malloreon, Elenium, and Tamuli? Did David provide a reason why she was not initially credited for the works? ...
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What's on Belgarion's Medallion?

I was just re-reading the Belgariad series and noticed that Garion's medallion is never described but all the others are. Belgarath has a wolf, Polgara has an owl, and Ce'Nedra has a giant tree. It'...
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In 'The Redemption of Althalus', is the beginning of the story line a Dream Vision?

At the beginning of the story, Althalus is recruited to steal the Book from the House at the End of the World. Therefore, it appears that Althalus may have been in a Dream Vision when he went to ...
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Where is Ce'Nedra's tree?

In The Belgariad Ce'Nedra is half Dryad, the daughter of Ran Borune XXIII, Emperor of Tolnedra, and the Dryad Ce'Vanne. As I understand it all Dryads are supposed to have a tree, and they're are not ...
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Does The Rivan Codex add anything to the storyline of the Belgariad?

I've been a long time fan of the Belgariad series by David Eddings, including the Malloreon sequel series, and have also bought and read the follow-up "prequels", Belgarath and Polgara. Another book ...
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In The Belgariad, where did Errand come from?

In the book Magician's Gambit, the 3rd book of The Belgariad, they come across a boy whom they name Errand. Who was he really, and where did he come from?
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