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Questions tagged [david-weber]

For questions about David Weber, a prolific author, known primarily for his 'Honor Harrington' series, which spans 12+ novels, and has spawned two spin-off novel series along with several collections of short fiction. Only use for questions about the author himself; for questions about his works use the appropriate work tag instead.

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3 answers

What are the different forms of FTL travel and how do they interact?

The Honorverse includes several different forms of FTL travel, and I must admit I'm confused about the differences. There's 'hyper', which has different 'bands', each with a different relative speed ...
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6 answers

What is the recommended order to read Honorverse works?

David Weber's Honorverse military SciFi series encompasses main series books, a couple of sub-series, and anthologies. Some of those works were published later but are in-universe prequels (e.g. "...
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15 votes
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How does the Impeller Wedge in the Honor Harrington series work?

I may have missed it somewhere, but how does the impeller wedge in the Honor Harrington series work. I am only a couple of books in, but I don't quite understand how the impeller wedge works to offer ...
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Did Weber base People's Republic of Haven on post-revolution France?

On one hand, the topical question seems like a "doooh!" - the whole Honorverse series was conceived as "Horatio Hornblower... IN SPACE", and there are a lot of references/Easter ...
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2 answers

How does time dilation affect Honorverse missiles?

The Honorverse is pretty good at telling us how long voyages take for "the universe at large" versus people on the ship. Their ships are limited to a speed of .8c, or slower in hyper-space. This ...
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What historical event was "A Grand Tour" in the Honorverse based on?

In the anthology More Than Honor (An anthology in the Honorverse, edited by David Weber), there is an author's note following A Grand Tour (By David Drake) claiming that the events are based on ...
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Do any of Weber's other works explain what happened with the Roman Legion?

In "The Excalibur Alternative", there is a mention of the Roman Legion which was kidnapped by the Federation. First, in Chapter XIII, they explain that the whole plot of the book was driven ...
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Where does the technology to give dogs intelligence come from in Empire from the Ashes?

In "Heirs of Empire" (3rd book of Weber's Dahak trilogy), Cohanna produced intelligent dog race (Galahad and co) from Tinker Bell's puppies. What was the origin of the techniques that she used to do ...
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How does Milla's blaster get re-charged?

We see in one of the chapters that it is super energy intensive (taking an output of an entire Russian nuclear power plant) to charge her flight suit. However, her blaster (able to melt and destroy ...
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Did Trolls develop their own technology?

It seems like the neuron whip is a weapon uniquely suited to Trolls: She shuddered at the thought of the whip. The Kangas had rejected it as inefficient, but the Trolls loved it. It went after nerve ...
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