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Questions tagged [deadpool-2]

Use this tag for questions related to the 2018 Deadpool 2 movie. Use [deadpool] in general for questions about the character or the franchise and [deadpool-2016] for the first film. Always use in conjunction with the tags [marvel], [x-men-cinematic-universe] and [deadpool].

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What happens to Colossus' injuries in Deadpool 2?

During the final confrontation in Deadpool 2, Deadpool and Cable are trying to save Firefist while During this scene I saw that Colossus (in his metal form) gets his forehead smashed and dented by ...
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Why was "Caribbean Blue" by Enya edited out of the Netflix release of Deadpool 2?

The theatrical version of Deadpool 2 featured "Caribbean Blue", while Wade murdered people in a bath house. In the Netflix version, this is edited to be shorter, and "9 to 5" by ...
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