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Questions tagged [deadpool]

For questions about Deadpool, a comic book mercenary and anti-hero created by Marvel Comics. Use this tag to refer to both the comic and movie franchise. For the first movie use [deadpool-2016]. Always use in conjunction with the [marvel] tag.

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What happens to Colossus' injuries in Deadpool 2?

During the final confrontation in Deadpool 2, Deadpool and Cable are trying to save Firefist while During this scene I saw that Colossus (in his metal form) gets his forehead smashed and dented by ...
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Are Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead aware that Deadpool is breaking the 4th wall?

Are Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead or other characters aware that Deadpool is breaking the 4th wall? I am not sure this is canonical, but there is a 4th Wall Awareness power listed on the ...
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Reading order for Bob, Agent of Hydra

Bob, Agent of Hydra (aka Hydra Bob) is a minor Hydra extra in the comics who is sometimes a sidekick of Deadpool. What is the reading order for the comics featuring Hydra Bob?
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Is Mr. Snookums a reference to Dogpool?

In the High Moon Studios game Deadpool, there is a dog shown to belong to Wade Wilson that he has named Mr. Snookums. He appears to be a normal dog at first, but later survives an explosion from a ...
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Has Deadpool ever had telepathy?

Watching the Deadpool movie, and after his mutation, when he's following Vanessa, there seems to be a moment where he's hearing thoughts(hears things but no mouths move). Has he ever been able to read ...
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Does Deadpool ever go on the Haunted Segway Tour?

At the start of Deadpool when Deadpool first gets into Dopinder's taxi he picks up a leaflet entitled "Haunted Segway Tours" and pockets it. You can see this at the start of this clip. Does Deadpool ...
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What do I read before diving into 2016 Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover comics?

I've wanted to get into the comics side of things so I decided to start with the two characters I know best out of all of them, but I don't know what I should read beforehand. Should I read all of the ...
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