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Questions tagged [death-note]

Questions regarding the manga and anime adaptation of Death Note

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Why did L not prevent the report of Kira's tests in the police database if he already concluded he must have had access to such information?

For some reason, the genius L only said not to report that information to the media. But in the previous episode he had already concluded that Kira had to have access to police information. Episode 3: ...
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How did Light get the TV in the potato chip bag?

In the Death Note anime, there is a scene early on in which Light secretly watches a tiny TV hidden in a bag of potato chips. The thing I don't understand, is that the TV is already in the bag when ...
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How did Near know that Kira must be in the room?

In the Death Note anime episode 30, Near has a call with L2, aka Light and the task force. When he gets the information that a Shimigami is in the room with them, he concludes that Kira must be in the ...
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Why didn't Light Yagami go to prison and then write the names of the NPA and the SPK?

At the end of Death Note, no one knows that Light still has Death Note paper on him. So, he could have waited to be in the car or in prison to use the Death Note. That would have been the smartest ...
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Can the Death Note be filled up?

We see in Death Note that the pages of the Death Note are not self-healing, and pages torn out do not seem to be restored. At least some owners possess a Death Note for multiple years, and pages ...
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How far does the Death Note's memory-wiping safeguard extend?

At the end of The Last Name, Soichiro Yagami says that Misa has once again lost her memories of the Notes, to which L responds that it is probably because both Notes have been burned. If that's the ...
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Why did Teru Mikami do what he did at the end of Death Note?

In the end of Death Note anime, Why did Teru..
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If Kira is killing criminals, why did crime persist?

In death note, Kira (all those who killed criminals for Light) started to kill criminals in order to build his utopian crime free world. It is understandable why crime would persist in the beginning, ...
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Where did Mikami's Death Note come from?

In Death Note, Teru Mikami starts to kill criminals as well as light, but where did his death note come from if there was no shingami attached to it ?
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What happened to Misa's remaining life?

In the series Death Note, two different shinigami die to save Misa Amane, and according to the books Misa would receive all of their remaining life span? So how come Misa dies in prison so soon after ...
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In Death Note, how do shinigami and humans speak the same language?

Shinigami are totally different from humans, so how do they speak to each other? How can Ryusaki and Ryuk speak the same language?
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Why didn't Light frame L for murder?

In the anime Death Note, Light possesses a 'Death Note' -- a book capable of killing anyone whose name is written in it. Furthermore, Light can specify the way in which they die. I've been wondering ...
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