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For questions about Deflectors, devices used on Starships in Star Trek: Manipulatable energy forcefield or shield that can be generated around space vessels and other facilities for protection from natural hazards and enemy weaponry. Always use in conjunction with the [star-trek] tag.

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Can the navigation shields resist lasers of any strength?

In The Outrageous Okana, it is described that lasers are ineffective against the Enterprise: WORF: Still no response. Captain, they are now locking lasers on us. RIKER: Lasers? WORF: Yes, sir. PICARD:...
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Why is the deflector disc for most starships below and behind the front of the ship?

One would assume that you would want it in front of the ship. As is the case with the "USS. Enterprise NX-01" Also why is there only a front facing deflector, when the ship can travel along several ...
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Does the deflector dish pose a danger to inhabited worlds?

Now the purpose of the deflector dish on a starship is to push aside debris and objects in the ships path so that when the ship is moving it doesn't plow through this debris and destroy the ship. ...
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