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Questions tagged [detective]

Use this tag in conjunction with [story-identification] when asking about works that are a Fantasy or SF take on a detective story.

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Sci-fi book series about a teenage detective, possibly named Diamond, with a floating AI assistant

This is a book series I read over a decade ago, probably sometime from 2008-2013. I'm fairly certain the target audience was young adults. The setting has many of the hallmarks of a dystopian future. ...
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Detective anime with two men trying to help a girl with a monkey companion

Back in 2004 at a convention, I was in an anime watching room and came across an anime about some kind of detective or mercenary trying to help a girl with a monkey companion. She lost her spot in a ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Cyberpunk noir book with sex amoeba, early 2000s

I read this book back when I was in college, which means I can pinpoint the years to 2002-2004. I also remember quite a lot of detail about it, so I can practically write out the entire story here. ...
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Sherlock Holmes retelling. Fantasy/SF novel. Dr Watson character, John is a trans man

I read this novel within the past ten years. It seemed to be written recently. The main characters are very obviously Holmes and Watson but they have different names. London is not called London. They ...
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Novel about a female detective investigating a crime in a society where mind reading through brain scanning is done

I remember lines in the book describing the dark neural paths of the criminal being investigated and the female detective describing that she enjoyed the hunt through the twisting pathways and maybe ...
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Book series about a female detective partnered with a part-human, part-demon, male cop

Read this series around about 2008-2010; thought they were either by Rachel Caine or Kelley Armstrong, but from what I can see I must be mistaken. From what I can remember of the concept, humans and ...
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An almost Fantasy story related to Wizard of Oz and Maltese Falcon

There is no actual element of Fantasy in this story, but I'm almost sure I read it in a collection of SF&F. I read it only about 10 years ago, but I think it is much older. There is some very rich ...
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Book about a town plagued by werewolf and detective trying to figure out what is killing people

I am trying to find the name of a book that I read about 20 years ago when I was a teenager (yes, it’s an old book). I don’t remember a lot from it, but basically there is a werewolf plaguing a town ...
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Detective story with an alien that looked like celery

This is a short story from an anthology published before 2000. It was told from the point of view of an alien who was a friend or side-kick to a human detective. The alien walked and talked but looked ...
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1 answer

Old scifi book: detective, alien conspiracy, change appearance machine, huge brain in space ship, alien communicates by flashing lights from stomach

I am looking for an old book. People can use a machine to change appearance and genetically modify themselves. The main character is a detective or cop, he follows a suspect into the sewers and finds ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Sci-fi short story / novella about a detective investigating the murder of a man whose body was planted to discredit him or the police system

The central character is a male detective. The story is set in a future time where advanced forensics and personal data tracking makes murder impossible to get away with. The body of young man is ...
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10 votes
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Short story about murder investigation featuring virtual reality

I am trying to find a sci-fi short story I read in early 2010s. The story took place in a futuristic setting on Earth, where highly realistic virtual reality was developed. People could connect into ...
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Identify anime series about detective agency ran by a guy and two women

The three characters were adults running a struggling detective agency. They were in love with each other but hesitant to do anything about it. The community around them supported their love and were ...
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Murder by alien on moon is observed by a cat

This is a detective (short) story set on the moon that involves aliens. It is probably from the 60s, perhaps the 70s. Someone is murdered on the moon with a blaster and a cat is found nearby that has ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Looking for a novel or short story about an immortal shapeshifter cop/detective

I'm looking for a novel or short story that I read in the late 90s or early 2000s; I remember that it was from the point of view of a detective or cop who was tracking a serial killer. The protagonist ...
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Cyber punk(?) detective novel with a cat thing as a "pet"?

I read this a couple years ago and it’s driving me crazy trying to remember. Futuristic detective novel where he has a semi pet called a cat thing(?) she is attracted to shiny things and he is always ...
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26 votes
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Last survivors from different time periods living together

Probably read in the 80s or 90s. USA English paperback. People from various time periods are living on an island or enclave/settlement on a beach. (Seem to recall a scene were a couple of people were ...
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Book about a young woman at expensive hotel who goes into the “grey” and sees dead people

In this book, a rich young woman, recovering from some trauma, is staying at an expensive hotel/resort. She can go into “grey” in certain areas of the hotel grounds and see dead people. I think a cop ...
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Short Story about body’s repair system preventing suicide [duplicate]

Decades ago I read a short story anthology that had a story that told the tale of a woman who kept trying to commit suicide, and the police detective who was trying to figure out why the body kept ...
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Short Story involving an investigation into crimes at a designer baby facility, ending implicates eugenics

I'm pretty sure I read this in the late 1980s to the early 1990s in Ashland, KY, in an anthology of science fiction. Someone was sent in to investigate crimes at a facility for designer babies. I don'...
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Short story about supernatural police detective buying a victim's ghost to investigate a murder

There is a short story that I'm sure I own but cannot find because my collection is too huge. I have the feeling it was only about 20 pages worth of story but I'd really like to read it again. I'd ...
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SF novel - future police view last thoughts of deceased

I read this eons ago. It was a sort of SF police procedural where the detectives had machines that could capture the last thoughts of a recently deceased human. The term was to deadbrain someone.
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Sci-fi movie about alien investigation

I'm searching for a movie that I saw as a child. The movie is about an investigation for an alien killer. The main character was a male detective who tried to understand what is happening. There was ...
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Female detective fights corrupt group that kills for a game [duplicate]

A female detective works a case where an all powerful group meets on the "net" to control the world's business (yeah, it's that old, circa mid 90s to mid 00s). She can immerse herself completely in ...
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Detective / spy story with machine that makes paper into porridge

This may not be SFF, although I have a vague feeling that at least one of the stories involving the main character has fantastical elements to it. The story (possibly a series of stories) involves a ...
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Identify space opera/erotic thriller/murder mystery novel starring alien protagonist with prehensile tail?

I remember reading this novel over fifteen years ago, but I cannot recall the title or the author. I think it might possibly have been published sometime from 70s to 90s. What I recall of the cover ...
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