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Cyberpunk video game franchise started in 2000, by Ion Storm. Depicts a future dystopia of have and have-nots, global pandemic, terrorist armies, worldwide conspiracies, and human augmentation.

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Is there a novel or book expanding upon the first Deus Ex PC game? Or is there a basis in literature for the game? [closed]

I'm looking for books about Deus Ex 1, novels that deal with the contents of that game or even artbooks or similiar additional information on it. I'm aware that the newer games of that franchise have ...
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Is there a relationship between the protagonists of the Deus Ex games?

In the original Deus Ex, the protagonist is named "JC Denton". In its sequel, set twenty years later, the protagonist is named "Alex D". In the latest two games (Human Revolution & Mankind Divided)...
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Why doesn't Sarif discredit Picus?

We're shown that everything Adam sees and hears is, or at least can be recorded various times in the story. Well, Adam saw some pretty incriminating stuff in Picus' secret offices; even if we assume ...
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How does David Sarif manage to avoid the corrupted signal?

Considering the fact that Sarif owns his own augmentations (bionic arm), is there any reason explained why he doesn't succumb to the effects of the corrupted signal sent through the global broadcast? ...
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Why was the Dragon's Tooth enough to bring peace to the Triads?

In DeusEx, the Triads fight with all tricks against each other. When J.C. retrieves the Dragon's Tooth from Maggie Chow, suddenly the leaders of the Luminous Path and the Red Arrow become best friends ...
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Are Adam Jensen and the Denton brothers related?

In Deus Ex Human Revolution Adam Jensen is revealed to be special in that his body naturally accepts augmentations with zero rejection. In the original Deus Ex both Paul and JC Denton are also unique ...
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