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A major species of reptiles that dominated the Earth for approximately 160 million years ago. They consisted of some of the largest animals that have ever existed on the planet. The reason for their decline is not yet known, but a meteor is thought to have eradicated them 65 million years ago.

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Teen TV show about a group of middle/high school friends who have adventures with dinosaurs

I remember watching this in 2007 in France, but as it was an American/English/Australian(?) show, I assume that it was released in 2005 or maybe 2006. There were a group of friends in middle/high(?) ...
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Time travel to a reptilian civilisation at the time of the dinosaurs

I read this story about 20 years ago, but it could be older. It was in a small book by itself, not a collection, probably a paperback. But it was rather short for a novel, maybe a novella. I am ...
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Book or short story about two boys or men who fall down a hole into a cavern where dinosaurs roam

This might be a tricky one. It may be more of a short story. I only know the plot. Two boys or maybe men are exploring near water in a jungle when a large predator cat scares them into a nearby cave. ...
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Anime series with live-action segments, time travel, dinosaurs and spaceships

I am looking for a series. I saw it somewhere online in recent years, but from the style I would guess it was made in the 90s. I saw it in Japanese language, without subtitles, so my understanding of ...
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Young Adult book series about humanoid dinosaurs

I read a book series about 15 years ago. It’s about these humanoid dinosaurs, I think the covers were red, green and blue, one of the main characters was a triceratops. And I think the flying and ...
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Animated fantasy show about young man who defends a dinosaur kingdom from evil

There is a city or kingdom inhabited by dinosaurs. MC is a young man (perhaps a prince) who defends this kingdom from the armies of evil. There was a battle scene where he flew on a pterodactyl ...
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Collectable Card game about time travelling dinosaurs

I'm trying to track down a series of cards a friend of mine had back in the early 90's and I'm not sure if they were actually a game or just a collectable series. The cards told the story that, for ...
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Cartoon featuring a blonde action heroine and dinosaur

Please help me identify the name of a '90s or early 2000s cartoon. The woman is white, blonde, attractive and tough looking. Her hairstyle is in a ponytail, but might be armified like a jarhead. The ...
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Did/do the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park reproduce asexually or did some turn into males?

I remember them saying the dinos were all female to prevent reproduction, but that they reproduced anyhow because of frog DNA used to make them. I thought at first this meant some turned into males to ...
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Book about a one-way time portal into the age of dinosaurs [duplicate]

I remember once having seen a book about the discovery/invention of a time travel portal into the age of dinosaurs. The caveat: it is a one-way portal. You cannot return. The portal attracts ...
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Fantasy series about magic and intelligent dinosaurs

Recently, I remembered this book series I read as a kid, maybe 13 or 14 years ago. It wasn’t a children's books, maybe more like young-adult. I found a similar post on this forum from about 4 years ...
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Book with a Dyson sphere spaceship commanded by bird aliens

I’m trying to find the name of a book (or maybe a short story?) where some humans encounter a spaceship that is essentially half a Dyson sphere with a hole in the center. The craft concentrates lasers ...
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Story about time traveling to the dinosaurs where travelers have an option to stay in the past

I'm looking for a short story I read in a magazine like OMNI, probably in the late 80s or early 90s. It was set in the near future where time travel was possible. People were using it to visit the ...
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Portals are opening up in England, and dinosaurs are coming out and attacking people

Recent book, Probably within the last 5 years. Maybe newer. Might be a HaremLit book. Unfortunately I only read the first few chapters and now I can't find it. (E-book version, don't know if a paper ...
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Old TV show/cartoon about a prehistoric boy and his pet dinosaur

It was set in the stone age. The boy was part of a tribe, they had rituals (I remember fire ants being a part of the "becoming a man" ritual.) The boy had a pet dinosaur, I believe it was ...
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Looking for a story about a paleontologist uncovering fossilised dinosaur tracks who finds that it is chasing a jeep

Looking for a short story from probably 70s or 80s. I can't remember most details but I think it involves a paleontologist and another scientist chatting. The paleontologist is in a desert and ...
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Book about a class pet that turns into a dinosaur

In this book, the class pet gets turned into a T. Rex or Allosaurus and causes havoc in the neighborhood. At the end, it eats a teacher and its revealed that aliens turned the lizard into a dinosaur. ...
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Dinosaur eggs preserved by alien hatch, alien comes back for them?

I'm looking for a novel about intelligent dinosaurs and aliens. Probably published in the early 90's. Paperback, English. Cover was a green alien resembling a small, predatory dinosaur (similar to ...
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In “Speckles: The Tarbosaurus”, Speckles’ mate Blue Eyes sustained an injury to her left leg, but she healed

In “Speckles: The Tarbosaurus” (2012), Speckles’ mate Blue Eyes sustained an injury to her left leg, but she healed. Later, however, the same leg was reinjured when she had a rock falling on it. Did ...
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Movie about people trying to stop a dinosaur

I forgot the name of the film, which involves a red light glowing dinosaur, or something similar to Godzilla. In the story, people are trying to stop it and using earthwork to trap it with the ...
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Old game - platformer, dinosaurs, woman protagonist

Definitely a PC side scrolling platformer with a female main character. I think she fights dinosaurs but I could be wrong, maybe there are some lizards or big birds. From the way I remember graphics ...
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'80s anime where a boy is transported back in time to the Jurassic era, and a T-Rex is speared to death by a tribe

I'm looking for an old anime I used to watch as a kid, for which I have only some glimpses of the story. It was probably made during the '80s, and I remember a black-haired, black-dressed boy as a ...
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Story about finding an alien fossil near dinosaur fossils

There's a story (I think it's Soviet SciFi), with an alien fossil found near a fossil of a dinosaur with laser-drilled holes in its skeleton, and the story revolves about finding the skull of one of ...
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Short story in Analog about Israeli scientists time-travelling to the time of dinosaurs and then can’t return

My husband wants to find a short story he read in Analog magazine about Israeli scientists using a time-travelling device to go to the time of dinosaurs. (The device is not precisely accurate as to ...
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Cartoon about a dinosaur that eats clouds?

I've been trying to remember the name of a cartoon I watched around 2010 about a dinosaur that eats clouds. He lives on the clouds and comes down during the day, where he meets his friends, and one of ...
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TV episode or movie involving space dinosaurs and teleportation

I remember watching something on TV where when humans became space-faring, they meet dinosaurs that have advanced technology. They give the humans the technology to teleport vast distances, like in ...
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Old Science Fiction anthology: man with nightmares of a giant bee; post-apocalyptic underground world [duplicate]

I found this site today while searching for a book and hope someone can help. When I was a boy I read a hard-bound anthology of science fiction stories. This was circa 1986, but the book might have ...
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Carnival sideshow with a dinosaur [duplicate]

I'm trying to identify a Young Adult novel I read when I was, well, a young adult, so it must have been around 1970 (though of course it could have been written much earlier). Two friends visit a ...
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Sci-fi book series about time travel, taming dinosaurs, and alien psychics

This is a series of books that starts off with a bunch of humans being abducted and sent back in time roughly 65 million years. They start to build a civilization and take dinosaurs to help out. They ...
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Book about dinosaurs/raptors that are green or blue, feathered, and are trying to catch/kill a group of humans

I borrowed this book from the young adult section of a library between 2008 and 2013 (I've checked the library catalog to no avail). The plot was something about how there were a group of humans ...
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Movie or TV show with super heroes, dinosaurs and portals

I have seen a preview to a movie or TV series on Netflix. The preview showed some super heroes (I believe) and they were walking around a city with large buildings. There were dinosaurs in the ...
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80s (or earlier) children's book series about a museum, time travel, and dinosaurs

In the mid-1980s, the Timberland Regional Library branch in downtown Olympia, Washington had a series of books about some children who discovered that a museum exhibit about dinosaurs could transport ...
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Which SFF work was first to use dinosaurs?

We see dinosaurs in SFF worlds all the time. e.g. Jurassic Park, Terra Nova, Doctor Who, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Teen Titans etc. After the discovery of dinosaurs, which SFF work was ...
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TV educational short film with kids trying to find a paleontologist via his messages. Turns out he's a dinosaur

I think I watched this in the mid 90s. A group of kids are supposed to meet a paleontologist, I think at a museum. At the meeting place, they find a message from him (and I think a broken crate and ...
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YA series of books about sentient dinosaurs in the Middle Ages

I'm looking for this series of books, teen to adult rating. It was about sentient dinosaurs that had evolved and changed, and lived in a medieval kingdom time. It was based around three protagonists,...
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Cartoon about some kids who found dinosaur fossils and made them into pets

There was a cartoon about some kids who found dinosaur fossils and made them into pets that could fight other dinosaurs. It also had time travel involved. I think it was a mid 2000s show.
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Book about two kids who travel back in time and meet a dinosaur that likes gingko fruit

I read the book a long time ago as a child. If I remember correctly, it was about two kids who found a cave along the shore with dinosaur footprints, and when they followed the footprints into the ...
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Comic book about dinosaurs in space

The comic book I'm talking about is about this one T. rex-like dinosaur being frozen in a cryo-pod after trying to rejoin his father on Earth, who was holding off some sort of black ooze from getting ...
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Live-action movie where a brontosaurus-like dinosaur is hurt in a cave

More than 10 years back, I watched a live-action movie on television where a brontosaurus kind of dinosaur is wounded in a cave with a man and a kid near it. The humans look civilized and it's ...
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Time travel short story where dinosaur doesn't taste like chicken

I ran across this other question about time travel and dinosaurs, and it reminded me of an old short story I read a long time ago. I read it in a collection of short stories. It would have been a ...
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1960s short story — time traveling dinosaur hunter gets eaten by his prey’s ticks and fleas

I am trying to find a short story I read many years ago from an anthology. I remember hunters who time traveled to kill dinosaurs. They were successful in that they did go back in time with big guns ...
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Book like Time Safari with invisible and sentient dinosaurs

I'm looking for a book I've read couple years ago. The plot was similar to "A Sound of Thunder" and Time Safari. In rough sketches the plot is as follows: A group of rich people embark on safari ...
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Cartoon in the late 80's early 90's about dinosaurs with armour on

When I was still in elementary school I would watch a cartoon which had these dinosaurs that would fight bad guys. They each wore metal armor on their bodies. They were all the same size but I can't ...
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Cartoon TV show with a group of dinosaurs

I have this memory of a TV cartoon show with a bunch of dinosaurs (5, I guess), each with different colors and from different species. One was a triceratops, another was a diplodocus, but they were ...
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What is the area size of Skull Island in the King Kong (2005) movie?

The Skull Island in the 2005 version of King Kong is very unique: it is an ecosystem of primordial creatures that are battling for food, space, and their ecosystem on a sinking island. The wide ...
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Fiction novel or movie about sentient dinosaurs

I remember parts of a story about some researchers finding a society of sentient dinosaurs. I believe they lived underground. From what I recall there were some steam punk elements and I think ...
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Which SF anthology about dinosaurs is this?

This was an anthology of SF stories all having to do with dinosaurs. It's not the Gardner Dozois/Jack Dann-edited "Dinosaurs II" or the Martin Greenberg-edited "Dinosaurs". It started with a one-page ...
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Realistic dinosaurs in movies, the earliest?

I was just watching a trailer for the new Jurassic movie and was thinking to myself that the special effects industry really has grown since the old Godzilla movies. But I'm sure at the time that it ...
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Looking for a really odd dinosaur show?

So there was 3 characters I think. One was an adult white dude who I think sort of looked like Megaman? I'm pretty sure he had blue armor and maybe a helmet. The other character was a girl who I think ...
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Name of a comic about a young tyrannosaurus

When I was young (maybe 25-30 years ago!) I read a comic book about a T-rex that was the last survivor of his nest. The story started off with his mother and the other young being killed by a larger T-...
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