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For questions about the "Doctor Dolittle" franchise as a whole, whether it is the original book series from 1920 - 1952. Use [dr-dolittle-1998] for the 1998 film with Eddie Murphy.

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25 votes
1 answer

Why is Dr Dolittle not a vegetarian?

I am reading The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (1922) and there are several references to him eating bacon and other meats. How is that Dr Dolittle is not a vegetarian? When I opened the front ...
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2 votes
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Which "man" is the male pigeon referring to?

Funny fantasy movie Dr.Dolittle (1998) Dr. Dolittle reviving the talking tiger in the hospital which is surrounded by cops. After they both saw cops, a female pigeon says to a male pigeon: Female ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why did the male Pigeon say "The heart of a hawk" three times?

Funny fantasy movie Dr.Dolittle (1998) At the zoo, two talking pigeons overhear voices of the Cop who is trying to catch the catnapper, Dr.Dolittle by running a license plate number: Cop: Yeah, I ...
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1 vote
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Why did Rodney say, "A Tic Tac wouldn't kill you"?

Funny fantasy movie Dr.Dolittle (1998) Rodney, the talking guinea pig watches hatching of Swan's egg and says to McGruff, the talking dog: I see some shakin' in that egg. I see shakin' in the ...
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3 votes
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Why did Dr Gene punch Dr Mark?

Funny fantasy movie Dr Dolittle (1998) Dr Dolittle had brought the talking tiger to the hospital to revive it. After they both saw the tiger, Dr. Mark pulled Dr. Gene aside and said: Here's what ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Does Doctor Dolittle ever use animals for unusual transport?

Doctor Dolittle can talk to animals and has no hesitation to use them for his work. Yet I don't seem to recall him ever using animals to get around for non-normal use (for example, he's always taking ...
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