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Doom is a series of horror sci fi video games that started in 1993. There have also been novels and movies based on the series.

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Does Doom novelization ever explain the origin/nature of Supercharge (healing Blue Sphere)?

Doom novel "Knee Deep in the Dead" describes the initial encounter of the protagonist with the game's Supercharge item (blue sphere that heals him). Aside from that initial description, do any of the ...
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"Doom", the video game: Why is the protagonist immune against zombification?

In all instances of "Doom", many people including marines have been zombified (in Doom3 drastically visualized by skull ghosts) or infected with a Lost Soul (granted, this one seems to prefer females)....
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What is the origin of the Heart-Artifact?

In Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil our (new) fearless protagonist finds a new artifact shaped like a human heart (it effectively replaces the Soul Cube in function). We know that the Soul Cube was ...
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How does the Doom Guy trigger the Soul Cube?

From the Doom wiki, when we first pick up the Soul Cube, it tells us: Destroying evil gives us life, and makes us stronger. Unleash us when you hear our call. We will pass the life force of those ...
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Why did the Mars population flee to Earth if they had the Soul Cube?

Somehow, I think I missed a bit. The old civilization that was uncovered by UAC on Mars, apparently escaped to Earth after accidentally (just like the UAC) opening the Hellgate with their ...
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When did Dr. Betruger turn evil?

(note: possible D3 spoilers ahead) Aptly named Dr. Malcolm Betruger is the main adversary in Doom 3 and Doom 3: RoE. In some audio log it is stated that he teleported to hell and was somehow changed ...
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