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Questions tagged [doom-3]

For questions about Doom 3, the first person horror shooter game in the Doom series. Questions should only be about the in-game lore and its contribution to the greater universe. Any questions about game mechanics, etc., are off-topic and should be asked at Arqade.SE. Always use in conjunction with the [doom] tag.

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30 votes
4 answers

"Doom", the video game: Why is the protagonist immune against zombification?

In all instances of "Doom", many people including marines have been zombified (in Doom3 drastically visualized by skull ghosts) or infected with a Lost Soul (granted, this one seems to prefer females)....
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1 answer

What is the origin of the Heart-Artifact?

In Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil our (new) fearless protagonist finds a new artifact shaped like a human heart (it effectively replaces the Soul Cube in function). We know that the Soul Cube was ...
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6 votes
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How does the Doom Guy trigger the Soul Cube?

From the Doom wiki, when we first pick up the Soul Cube, it tells us: Destroying evil gives us life, and makes us stronger. Unleash us when you hear our call. We will pass the life force of those ...
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Why did the Mars population flee to Earth if they had the Soul Cube?

Somehow, I think I missed a bit. The old civilization that was uncovered by UAC on Mars, apparently escaped to Earth after accidentally (just like the UAC) opening the Hellgate with their ...
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