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Doomsday is a supervillain in DC Comics, best known for killing Superman. This tag is for questions primarily concerning Doomsday. Use with the [dc] tag

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Who is this Green Lantern member?

While reading Final Crisis #5, I noticed that one panel shows a Green Lantern who looks remarkably like the villain Doomsday. He has orange skin instead of grey, but otherwise they look fairly ...
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How tall is Doomsday in Batman v. Superman?

How tall is Doomsday in Batman v. Superman (2016)? Sources would be appreciated. If estimating please show your work.'s user avatar
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What material is Doomsday's containment suit made of?

Doomsday made his first appearance in Superman: The Man of Steel # 18. In his first appearance itself, he was shown with his containment suit. Superman: The Man of Steel #18 cover Since then, the ...
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Is there any comic where Darkseid fights Doomsday?

Some friend asked me this question today, and without hesitation I said off course Darkseid beats Doomsday, but then I saw this comic panel. Is there any comic where Darkseid fights DoomsDay beside ...
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Can Doomsday be killed for good? [closed]

I'm not asking about the kind of killing where he comes back to life some time later, I'm talking about the kind of situation where one can say with 100% certainty that he will stay dead. The only ...
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What is Doomsday and where did he come from?

The infamous Doomsday Vs. Superman battle in the Death of Superman saga from DC is among the most famous of all comic books. I personally own most of the saga and always counted it among the legends. ...
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If Doomsday was so powerful, why couldn't he get out of his restraints?

In the Death of Superman storyline of the early nineties -- Doomsday gets out and escapes with one hand tied behind his back. The only time he gets fully out of these restrains was when the full ...
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How did Doomsday kill Superman?

I have read the compilation graphic novel with the entire Doomsday battle. At the end of the battle Superman and Doomsday kill each other in a classic "same-time" final blow. It was my understanding ...
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