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Dragon Ball is a manga and anime series that follows the adventures of the protagonist Goku from childhood through adulthood as he trains in martial arts and hunts the Dragon Balls, which grant wishes. Use this tag to refer to the manga and any of the anime series or movies

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What were Vegeta and Nappa's power levels in DBZ Season 1?

I just finished watching the awesome fight between Goku and friends versus Vegeta and Nappa. Throughout the fight, the two evil saiyans constantly read the power levels of the "good" guys. However, ...
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What's the last episode Master Roshi appears in?

In my humble opinion, Master Roshi was probably the most influential to Goku throughout the saga (kamehaha wave, flying nimbus, training, tournaments, etc). Admittedly, I only made it to the very ...
13 votes
8 answers

Which is stronger, Kaio-Ken or Super Saiyan?

Is there any evidence that points to which is stronger, either reaching max level of Kaio-Ken or the max level of Super Saiyan? When Goku reached the highest level of Kaio-Ken, he seemed like he could ...
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Is Krillin the strongest pure human in the Dragonball Z Universe?

In Dragonball the series keeps increasing power levels. Most of the truly powerful characters though are aliens or only part human. Usually in a fight all of the Z Warriors are taken down at some ...
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9 answers

Why do manga characters love to eat a lot of food?

A common theme in Japanese cartoons (manga and anime) is having a protagonist that has a big appetite and the ability to eat a lot. We see examples of this in Dragonball and One Piece. Historically, ...
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Why can't Goku battle in space while the previous Sayans can?

About the saiyans who battled Freeza, they can battle in space but I think Goku is unable to because when an explosion is about to happen in Planet Nemic, Kayosama said that Goku is at a disadvantage ...
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3 answers

Could a fully Saiyan female become a Super Saiyan?

Is it possible for a female to become a Super Saiyan, or is it restricted to males? Could a fully Saiyan female (e.g. if Goku was born a girl) become a Super Saiyan? I know that Pan is one quarter ...
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Is there an inconsistency in the fate of evil souls in Dragon Ball?

I have a question that I've been wanting to ask. My native language is Spanish (Latin America) so much of the Dragon Ball series lacks of consistency because of the translation. My question is about ...