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Drax the Destroyer is a character from Marvel Comics. Questions with this tag should be specifically about this character, rather than simply mentioning him.

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Where are Drax's nipples?

There was a running joke throughout Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that Drax has sensitive nipples. This is initially brought up in the opening credits scene when the Guardians are waiting for the ...
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Has Drax in fact mastered the ability to stand so still that he becomes invisible?

In the MCU (I have never read the Guardians in comics) Drax seems to never consciously lie. Any time he speaks it seems as though he tells the 'truth' as he understands it and of course is completely ...
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Is it known what the markings mean on Drax The Destroyer's body?

Especially in the MCU, the markings on Drax' body are quite extensive (and very cool-looking I might add). They have a heavy leather-like texture. From what I could find, Drax's body is alien and ...
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Why was Drax in the Kyln?

In Guardians of the Galaxy, why was Drax in the Kyln? What crime did he commit to get himself locked up in there?
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Did the original Drax have trouble with metaphors?

As described in this answer, the Drax we see in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is quite different than the original Earth-616 version from the comics. That original version was a human spirit ...
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Why does Drax's language change in GOTG2

In GOTG Drax's language is almost Victorian, yet in GOTG2 his English goes back to normal. Why might this be? (Same's the case with Thor in Ragnarok and Thor 1 the contrast is really jarring)
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What race is Drax the Destroyer's Body?

So in the comics, Mentor and Kronos put Arthur Douglas's spirit into a new, more powerful body in order to help defeat Thanos, but (speaking as someone who hasn't read the comics but is interested in ...
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Is the portrayal of Drax in the MCU true to the comics?

I am referring primarily to the comedic aspects of his portrayal: his method of speech, disrespect for and confusion regarding certain species, the moving so slowly he becomes invisible, taking things ...
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