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Questions tagged [dune]

For questions about "Dune", a science fiction franchise which originated with the 1965 novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Use this tag for the franchise, universe and/or the novel.

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What titles were used by Minor Houses during the Empire under House Corrino?

Houses Minor are a well established part of the Dune Universe, being mentioned in passing many times. But I can't recall a single character from a Minor House. The Siridar Titles of the Major houses ...
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What is the inspiration behind the Weirding Module in Dune (1984)?

In the David Lynch version of Dune (1984), he added a weapon that amplified sound into a concussive blast called a Weirding Module. Is there anything discussing why he thought this necessary to his ...
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What age would an off-worlder start taking the spice Melange?

In the Dune series by Frank Herbert, at what age would people not from Arrakis (eg. Members of a Great House/aristocracy or the rich) start taking Melange? As it has geriatric properties to extend the ...
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What is the Bene Gesserit’s “message for humankind”?

In Chapterhouse Dune, one of the encyclopedia exposita entries at the beginning of a chapter is (boldface mine): Our household god is this thing we carry forward generation after generation: our ...
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What is the device that the Baron's servant is holding in this scene?

What is the handheld device called that the Baron's servant is playing during his healing bath scene? I can't find it anywhere.
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Was Herbert Influenced by Eric Frank Russell for the Buddhislamic faith?

I have occasionally wondered whether Frank Herbert might have been influenced by Eric Frank Russell. In The Great Explosion, reference is made to followers of a crank named Kassim who tried to ...
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Is the man Paul talks to in the south desert meant to be Korba?

Towards the end of the 2024 Dune, Part 2, Paul talks to a man about his grandmother who is later in some other scenes of the battle at the end. Is this meant to be Korba? It seems like a lot of screen ...
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What happened to the Atreides family's holdings after the death of Duke Leto?

What happened to the holdings of the Atreides family after Duke Leto is assassinated? His family rules planet Caladan, has a seat in the Landsraad assembly of noble families, has control over planet ...
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Are the Chiss navigators a Dune reference?

In the Thrawn series, we learn that in order to navigate the hazards of the Unknown Regions, Chiss ships use special navigators that are Force Sensitive. This sounds very similar to another sci-fi ...
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Can someone explain the two old people at the ending of "Chapterhouse: Dune"?

In Chapterhouse: Dune who are the two old people at the ending and what are their significance? I understand they are supposedly Face Dancers, but I don't understand why they have been watching Duncan ...
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Why do the worms produce spice, and what ecological role does it play?

In the novel, Liet Kynes tells Leto and Paul that the worms defend the spice. From this, Paul infers a likely relationship which turns out to be correct. The worms make it. But why do they do so? Is ...
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Are the books written by Irulan in Paul of Dune meant to represent the books quoted in Frank Herbert’s 1965 version of Dune?

In the Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson works Princess Irulan writes The Life of Muad’Dib, Volume 1-3. Are these meant to be the original Frank Herbert trilogy - Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of ...
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In the 2000 Dune miniseries, why are two characters bald and eyebrowless?

In the Frank Hebert’s Dune TV miniseries, there are two characters with no hair or eyebrows. One is a Spacing Guild representative, and the other is a non-speaking minor character, a young woman spy/...
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How are Andros and Hyla conceived?

As I am still reading Sisterhood of Dune my question may be answered in due time. However, how were Andros and Hyla made from Agamemnon's sperm and a slave's egg if all of his sperm was destroyed on ...
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