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A gigantic artificial structure enclosing a star thus making it possible to capture all energy from it.

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Book with a Dyson sphere spaceship commanded by bird aliens

I’m trying to find the name of a book (or maybe a short story?) where some humans encounter a spaceship that is essentially half a Dyson sphere with a hole in the center. The craft concentrates lasers ...
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House of Suns: How do stardams contain unstable stars?

In Alistair Reynold's House of Suns, there is the concept of creating a 'stardam' to prevent unstable stars from destroying nearby systems when they blow up. It says: A billion or so years later, we ...
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Trying to find old sci-fi story about a dyson sphere

Read it in 60's or 70's. Space battle. Ship escapes by running through a hole into a Dyson Sphere. Crashes on the inside a very long way from the hole. Crew use material from their ship to build ...
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Dyson Sphere in Freelancer

Me and my friend were talking last night and came to the topic of the Freelancer game where we had a disagreement. He is claiming that the Dyson Sphere at the end of Freelancer single-player campaign ...
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If a Dyson Sphere from the Star Trek universe could move, would the star inside also move or would it collide with the sphere's inner surface? [closed]

Like the ones in TNG "Relics" or STO's Solanae/Jenolan Spheres. Going by the principle that something suspended inside a speeding bus doesn't automatically collide with the back end, would the same ...
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Who made the Dyson's sphere in Star Trek TNG?

According to this wikia, the Dyson's sphere discovered by the Enterprise in the episode, "Relics" was large enough to support the life of 4 million earth sized planets, if you do some rough math, that'...
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How does a Dyson Sphere's inhabitants deal without gravity? [closed]

It's well known that because the gravitational attaction at one point on the inside of a hollow shell is zero, because it is cancelled by the attraction from all the other points on the interior. ...
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What would the sky look like standing inside a Dyson Sphere? [closed]

I am working on a roleplaying campaign guide set inside a Dyson Sphere. It's a solid shell around a star like our own and is 300 million kilometers across centered on the star. The atmosphere hugs ...
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What is a hollow world?

I have heard the phrase hollow world several times, but seeing the question "Does the Song of Ice and Fire take place in a hollow world?," inspired me to finally Google the topic. This led to a TV ...
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Is there a novel using a Dyson Sphere as setting? [closed]

In the ringworld-novels of Larry Niven the author uses a giant ring around the sun as setting. The concept that is going more extrem in this direction is a Sphere around a sun. That concept is called ...
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