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Easter Eggs are inside jokes, references, appearances or hidden messages that appear in various media. They are typically hidden in such a way that the audience either catches them directly, or they are found by dedicated fans later. Use for questions about Easter Eggs (or potential ones) within a specific work.

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What does this entry on the Rocinante's pilot quick-menu mean?

In Season 6 Episode 3 of The Expanse, during the battle scene, we see the "PILOT - QUICK MENU" menu on the display Holden is examining: It has mostly meaningful entries (e.g. REP FLIGHT, ...
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In what century does the episode “Calypso” of Short Treks take place?

Is there any direct evidence to this or the contrary?
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What are the corresponding easter eggs for John Williams' 52 Oscar Nominations?

Not only does legendary composer John Williams have a cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but director J.J. Abrams states that every single item in that scene has been very purposefully chosen ...
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What was the first officially confirmed Easter Egg to occur in an MCU movie?

What was the first Easter Egg to appear in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie? Looking for answers that are confirmed by the writers/directors/etc. to be Easter Eggs.
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Who is this old man in Despicable Me?

He's first shown getting out of the bus at the pyramid and he is part of the crowd when Justin is flying through the air. He's wearing sunglasses and a military veteran looking hat. Then later in the ...
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Is there an "Arrested Development" reference in "Endgame"?

In Infinity War, you see a corpse that looks like Tobias Fünke when he blue himself, and in Civil War, the Bluth staircar was in the background of the airport. Both of those movies were directed by ...
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Are there any other Star Wars references in Firefly?

According to this article on mental floss, there are Star Wars easter eggs in the series Firefly. Star Wars was a big influence on Whedon. Captain Malcolm Reynolds somewhat resembles Han Solo, while ...
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Is this an easter egg to Sherlock in Thor Ragnarok?

Thor and Loki are looking for their father Odin in Thor Ragnarok. As they arrive on Earth, When Thor goes to that place, he meets The two names sound similar. Is it a nod to the series that ...
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Is "Wobani" an intentional anagram of "Obi-wan"?

I've seen in a couple of places, most notable here that The name of the prison planet that Jyn is rescued on is called Wobani, which is an anagram for the name - 46 Rogue ...
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Abrams' Star Trek shout out to Voyage Home?

I was reading The Best And The Worst Of Abrams' Star Trek Easter Eggs & suspect that amongst the many (in the article & in comments) they missed a huge one in regard to affecting the future. ...
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Why do the Guardians of the Galaxy have Captain America's shield?

In Issue #22 of Guardians of the Galaxy, we see that the Guardians have what appears to be Captain America's shield in their homeship. It probably isn't the real thing, given that Captain America was ...
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Incredible's Newspaper Easter Egg?

In Pixar's The Incredibles", in the scene where Bob finds out that Gazerbeam is dead from the newspapers, we can see the tombstone headline on the front cover, reading "Scientists Find the Missing ...
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Has Joker ever mentioned...Star Wars?

Yes, you've read it right. Star Wars. Why would I ask such ridiculous question? Well, the answer lies in the voice behind Joker in the animated series and most of Batman games, who is no other than ...
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What was the image Dr. Juliet Burke carved in a tree in season three?

When Dr. Juliet Burke was sent to the camp of survivors on the beach by Ben, she carved an image on a tree as a sign for him. What was that image? The reason I ask is that the image could indicate ...
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