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Questions tagged [ebooks]

For questions about a fictional work released as an eBook. Only use when identifying a work (use in conjunction with [story-identification] here) or when there is a tag ambiguity.

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Fantasy book follow the chief's son as he makes a rite of passage and gains berserker powers

Looking for a book where the plot is basically the main character is the chief's son, he has a romance interest and a antagonist who’s a boy his age likes to bully him. Fast forward some time and he ...
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EBook with a slave girl falling in love with her elven owner, a revelation that the two of them together can use powerful magic

I swear I've found this one again before, but about 10-15 years ago, I got a free EBook on the Kindle platform (among many others), and one of the stories I read had a female protagonist in a medieval ...
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Fiction Romance. Heroine uses her psychic ability such as telepathy and psychometry to help find a man who's been kidnapped

This was an ebook I downloaded before, and read around the late 90s but it could be around the late 80s, and I think it's a standalone too. It's about a woman around her early or possibly late 20s ...
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