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Questions tagged [echopraxia]

For questions about Echopraxia, a 2014 hard science fiction novel by Peter Watts. It has also been released together with its previous installment/sidequel Blindsight under the name Firefall. Always use in conjunction with the [firefall] tag.

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What is the gambit used by the crew of The Crown of Thorns to escape its tail?

In Peter Watts's Echopraxia, the crew of The Crown of Thorns uses a ruse to whoever is following them. But I'm unclear on how it worked or what the plan entailed. I gather that an escape pod was used ...
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What is Brüks's "Zone of Terror" in Echopraxia?

In the following passage from Peter Watts's Echopraxia, what does "Zone of Terror" refer to? The blade began to twist as he ascended the spoke. Brüks gritted his teeth, briefly closed his ...
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In Echopraxia, how did Portia reach Earth?

In Echopraxia, an alien life form/nanotechnology/something that the humans dub Portia reached Earth. The final stretch of that journey was apparently done inside Bruks, who was somehow an incubator, ...
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